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Sep 11, 2011

11 September 2011 – reflections on a decade of SUCCESS AND VICTORY

Naturally the right-wing commentariat are out

Pure Poison IconNaturally the right-wing commentariat are out in force today, attempting to persuade readers that the last decade has actually been a glorious victory for the West thanks to the wise leadership of George W Bush and John W Howard and Tony W Blair. (It’d be nice to live in a world in which they hadn’t made things much worse, wouldn’t it?)

For example, here’s Miranda Devine’s effort, uploaded yesterday:

Terror has not defeated us

It starts with the apparently de rigeur but increasingly laughable (some are seriously claiming some kind of credit for having watched it live on television) “I HAD A PERSONAL CONNECTION” angle:

TEN years ago, I flew into New York on the first Qantas plane after the September 11 terrorist attacks, as the smoke was still billowing from the gaping hole n the ground and the city was still breathing in the ashes of the 3000 dead.

So shut your noise holes, people who’ve never been, or went on the second Qantas plane. I have personal authority on this one.

Here’s how Miranda describes the choice we then faced:

Passionate and courteous, [New Yorkers] were formulating the debate we have been having ever since – do you appease the hatemongers, shower them with largesse, apologise for past perceived misdeeds, change your way of life in order not to cause future offence, or do you strike back at the terrorists and their supporters.

An… interesting construction. Was anyone of consequence in the West suggesting we “appease” hatemongers? I don’t recall anyone outside of the extremists themselves seriously advocating implementing a Caliphate in New York. And “shower them with largesse”? Who was asking for that? There was a choice around “changing our way of life”, but it wasn’t “in order not to cause future offence” – it was in order to give the fanatical criminals the huge war between Islam and the West that they’d hoped for. We elevated their crime to super villain status, and took away civil liberties from our own citizens on a scale the psychotic idiots could scarcely have hoped for.

Nor was the question do we “strike back” at these criminals or not – it was how do we do it. Do we treat them as the biggest threat to our civilization since Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany, as the super powerful world figures they so wished they were, helping them portray themselves as crusaders rather than criminals, and blunder about getting ourselves stuck in unwinnable wars that would aid recruitment for the extremists? Or do we treat them as the nasty violent criminals they are and prove to them that our system of justice is bigger and more resilient than they’d hoped? Do we deny them the martyr’s death they craved, and force them to live out their miserable days in prison for the crimes they’ve committed?

Sadly, we picked option A, and fanatics who genuinely do hate “our freedoms”, our civil liberties, watched and cheered.

Even Miranda Devine can’t portray that as a victory:

If you look at US power and prestige today, the state of its economy and sense of confidence today, it has been all downhill the past 10 years.

From the debilitating inconvenience of airline security, to the parlous state of US finances, in part due to the cost of war, September 11 is still taking its toll.

But, she says, after a couple more attacks they stopped. And it only cost us our economies and our civil liberties and our credibility as countries under the rule of law.

Osama is dead! And it only cost a decade to give him the martyrdom we could’ve denied him much earlier if we hadn’t helped build up Al Qaeda by giving them the authority in the Middle East they never would’ve had otherwise.

But what’s the real point of Miranda’s column? Of course, it’s to bash her political opponents – the dastardly “left”.

You see how awry is our moral compass in the fact we lionise David Hicks, who trained as a terrorist under Osama bin Laden, took up arms against our allies, and rushed back to Afghanistan to support his brother terrorists after September 11.

Who “lionises” David Hicks? And if he’d broken the law, Miranda, why could they not charge him and try him and convict him on evidence? Like we do for any other alleged criminal?

Could it be because he had committed no crime, and that thus imprisoning him for more than five years without trial and then forcing him to plead guilty to charges that did not exist when he was alleged to have committed them is the real affront to our society? A society that formerly prided itself on standing for the rule of law?

Ms Devine is outraged that we can’t just live in a world of goodies and baddies:

We have so gentrified the idea of moral relativism that it is considered distasteful to talk about the “good guys” and the “bad guys”.

Well, let’s see Miranda – are our military allies in Bahrain, who are brutally oppressing their own people right now, are they the “good guys” or the “bad guys”? How about our allies in Saudi Arabia, with whom Bin Laden had such close connections? Pakistan?

Please, no-one ever put Miranda on a foreign affairs desk.

ELSEWHERE: Reader Scott offers a response to another dubious little 9/11 effort by Miranda:

He was acquitted because of “anti-Muslim feeling in the community”? It would be pretty outrageous if it was true, on par with the OJ trial.

From her Daily Telegraph link:

The man maintained he did not fire at police but at the horizon in what was intended to be a warning shot so he could flee. The man testified he was sick at the time and jumpy about surveillance and possible police questions.

Judge Flannery accepted it was a reasonable possibility he may have focused on Sgt Bates during the arrest, not noticed Sgt Wolsey, and fired a “warning shot in panic”.

So it was more like he was acquitted of shooting at Sergeant Adam Wolsey with intent to murder, shooting at him with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm, and shooting at him with intent to resist apprehension because of reasonable doubt.

You might also think from Miranda’s tweet that he got off scot-free, but:

The man was convicted on lesser charges of firing a gun in a public place and using an unauthorised firearm and will be sentenced on September 23.

You sometimes get the sense that Miranda actually believes what she writes; but this is a clear bit of manipulation of what actually happened. She was trying to make a connection between our post 9-11 world and how guilt about the persecution and targeting of Muslims has led to “political correctness” run amok.

But anti-Muslim sentiment was not the cause of the verdict; in fact his fear is attributed to illness. Does she realise that if this guy was actually suffering from an illness when he did what he did the whole thing is a real tragedy; not including the lives of the police officers who have left the force because of the incident? She loves to play the sympathy card as the reason behind her extreme convoluted beliefs, which is mind-blowing considering this nasty bit of subterfuge.

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42 thoughts on “11 September 2011 – reflections on a decade of SUCCESS AND VICTORY

  1. quantize

    Col only posts here so he can play the victim when his ‘contributions’ are correctly identified as stupid…then he can swoon about teh evil left and slime off without actually answering any of the questions contesting his statements…

    1.lob idiotic ‘grenade’
    2.get ass handed back victim and move goal posts
    4.return to step 1

    After he told us he would be ‘fine/OK’ with 70% media ownership by a ‘leftist’ (ie if the tables were turned) he simply cannot be taken seriously….

    A Lap-kin-dog

  2. Matthew of Canberra

    “With the Gillard Government in an advanced state of political implosion, it’s an excellent time to get back in the game.”

    I assume he’s getting into politics to try to have social studies removed from the federal curriculum:

    Explanation here:

  3. ConnorJ

    @ Fran barlow #10 – Kind of like gang wars in Melbourne. When it’s whoite people shooting each other the term is “crime families”, when it’s criminals of Lebanese descent it’s a “clan”

  4. The Pav

    Dear CC @ 13

    Firstly please explain what part of the Bush Howard Blair strategy worked? Even the invasion of Afghanistan defies reason. If Alexander the Great, The Romans, The British , The Russians and gawd who knows else can’t “conquer” Afghanistan why oh why would Bush et al think they could. Sure go and bomb a few bases but leave it at that.

    After 9/11 Bush had the sympathy & support of almost the entire world. A situation he could have leveraged into real advances. Instead his Cowboy COW actions merely managed to alienate effectively most of the world and even within the COW there is dissent. Pretty much he couldn’t have done anything more wrong

    If we had done nothing we would have been better off by tens nay hundreds of billions, god knows how many lives, less terror recruits and at least a semblance of moral right

    I would also refer to to the Lockerby bombing. No invasion, admittedly a long drawn out negotiation, culprits handed over, no escalation and ultimately regime change with minimal western involvement. Basically in an impossible situation a reasonable result and without resorting to invasion & no more Scottish villages have been destroyed!

    Who completed the negotiations? That weak leftist President Clinton. I would take his weakness over Bush’s strenght any day. Competence befor bravado is always better

  5. Jack Sparraaggghhh

    With the Gillard Government in an advanced state of political implosion, it’s an excellent time to get back in the game.

    Isn’t that just so typical of hired {EDIT}s like Ted? They reckon they can smell blood and so it’s “an excellent time” to join the baying pack. One wonders who in the Libs decided that someone like Ted could contribute anything of possible value to the political scene…

  6. AR

    Where would the amerikan military/industrial complex be without eternal war? In recession or desperately seeking to create new enemies to justify its existence?

  7. quantize

    Is it any wonder we got in the mess we did with twits like Miranda, Lapkin and Coal cheering on the neocons?

    I was one of the many thousands at those Iraq protests and remember the response of their hero JWH…so when rightard morons whine about democracy not serving their own political whims (despite the 70% media ownership which serves as their PR firm day in and out) i have one response : SUCK IT IN

    We had to…it’s your turn.

  8. jules

    So why did we considerably enhance our surveillance and intelligence organisations to the predictable screams of lefties everywhere of ‘police state’. I agree. Law enforcement works. It helps also to have the right laws. More screams ….

    No it doesn’t. There are no fucking terrorists here. There’s a whole lot of people who were set up by Agent Provacateurs and the like, but no credible plots since I don’t know when.

    BTW If the tourists hate us for our freedoms, and want to destroy them, in what way was putting all these fascist wet dream anti terror laws on the books anything other than caving in to them? Lats face it – doing that sort of thing means the terrorists have won. Congrats Howard and Co.

    Ted Lapkin tho this is gold:

    With the Gillard Government in an advanced state of political implosion, it’s an excellent time to get back in the game. But I’m saddened by the fact that I’ll no longer be able to write independently whilst I’m on the Coalition rolls.

    I don’t think you’ve ever been writing independently but if you truly believe it then I have a bridge to sell you and a triangular block of land in the middle of Manhattan. Bargain prices…

  9. returnedman

    Ha! to you both, Ted and Miranda! Think YOU were close? Weeeeelllll, I was actually ON THE PLANE that crashed into one of the towers! Beat that!

    Uh … oh, hang on …

  10. Chris Tallis

    Killing innocent people for whatever reason is clearly wrong.
    The suicide bombers did it and the coalition of the willing did it too.
    So from my point of view the bigger evil must be the force that has killed the most innocents.
    The biggest difference between these two forces is their size and backing, one was a bunch of nuts funded by a millionaire fundamentalist and the other was a bunch of fundamentalists nuts, funded by billionaires in control of a world superpower.
    Both camps are wrong and both camps involve fundamentalist morons with a blood lust for people they do not know and have never met.
    Col is just as guilty of fundamentalist stupidity as are those responsible for 9/11 with only one difference. THEY were just towleads, those innocent people killed by our forces.

  11. uniquerhys

    Captain Col: “It helps also to have the right laws.”

    We already did. Pre-meditated cold-blooded murder has been a crime on the books for a long time, as is conspiracy to commit. It was the push to create phoney “terrorism-related offences” that caused the whole thing to go off the rails into Big Brother land. But don’t let that stop you fighting the good fight against Teh Evil Strawman Lefty.

  12. Matthew of Canberra

    CC: more later

    Q: “He’s just very patient with fools”

    I work in IT.

  13. quantize

    [Better than the normal abuse here.]

    He’s just very patient with fools…the rest of us live enough in the real world to realise bumbling into Iraq on a lie, when the first war was only beginning (please show us where all the ‘lefties’ objected to that one) was just stupid.

    We do not appreciate your efforts to re-write history.

  14. monkeywrench

    Ted Lapkin goes one better than Miranda: not only was he there, he SAW the Pentagon get hit! Which means no-one can disagree with his polemic and the argument is over. A bit like Col, really: if you disagree with anything he says, you’re a rotten Islam appeaser.
    It’s too childish to bother with.

  15. Captain Col

    Matthew asks, “Remember the whole “this isn’t a law enforcement problem” refrain?”

    Nope. By whom? When?

    So why did we considerably enhance our surveillance and intelligence organisations to the predictable screams of lefties everywhere of ‘police state’. I agree. Law enforcement works. It helps also to have the right laws. More screams ….

    Nothing short of prostrating ourselves in humble, abject, mea culpa before the Islamists (who after all were just humbly trying to draw attention to some overstepping of the mark by the nasty, capitalist, empire-building, militarists led by the Great Satan) and the payment of suitable reparations forever to the peace loving builders of the new Caliphate, would have appeased the West’s lefties. We should just accept our whacking, apologise for causing it and vacate the field, defeated.

    Perhaps not you Matthew, but most here are of that opinion.

    But I really like your optimism that you can fix the world’s problems by just getting everyone to agree to your plan, “based on actually dealing with the identified problem” whatever that is. Such is the naivety of many as they enter the world of politics and diplomacy … but not nearly so many by the time they leave. You never even started, did you?

    But I appreciate your effort. Better than the normal abuse here.

  16. quantize

    Night Col, sweet dreams (something creepy about clipping your hero John Winston’s eyebrows no doubt)…

  17. jules

    On the plus side its been a few hours of vintage Rolling Stones on abc 2.

  18. quantize

    [Let’s see if we can’t liven this blog up.]

    Not with that sword of yours made of limp wet lettuce…

    [“May I have another, please sir”?]

    Just so we can get you to shut up because that’s such an openly moronic troll..

    please remind us all how Bin Laden was finally ‘caught’…you know, just as an example of how your heroes methods were so effective.

  19. Matthew of Canberra

    I honestly CANNOT believe that got through the mod-bot … god help us all.

    *has another drink*
    *falls down*

  20. Matthew of Canberra

    Captain Col:

    That’s the easiest question of the last decade. The question is easy, and the answer is easy.

    What would I have done? The bit that worked, that’s what.

    What really kept us all safer was law enforcement, good old-fashioned gumshoe work, surveillance and common sense. That’s the stuff the hawks kept saying didn’t apply to this war. Remember the whole “this isn’t a law enforcement problem” refrain? I do. Well, the law enforcement bit is what worked.

    What DIDN’T keep anyone safer was iraq. Iraq, IMVHBIO, just trained the next 20+ years of trouble for africa and the middle-east. If egypt, libya et al end up in the hands of extremists, their muscle is going to be the psychos who cut their teeth in iraq. Iraq was a mistake. The militaries of the COTW absolutely outdid themselves and brought a semblance of order to the place (give or take). But not before a generation of maniacs got battle experience and a grievance.

    It’s almost as if somebody looked up from a briefing note and said “holy crap – where’s the next generation of middle-east VIOLENCE going to come from?!?!?” and straight away proposed an invasion of iraq. Just my VHBIO[1].

    So … what would I have done? Well, I’m not beholden to the US domestic political cycle or having been elected president without having ever bothered to come up with a domestic agenda, so consider this to be less than relevant to W. I would have built a coalition. Not one based on invading things, but one based on actually dealing with the identified problem. As far as I could see, that was actually something that everybody did agree with. Everybody. There wouldn’t have been one single vote in the security council against a measure to cooperate and crack down on non-state violence (notice my choice of words?). And as it happens – that’s the bit that worked. Oh, and the drone-things. I’m reasonably ok with the drones. Just as long as we don’t cry foul when everyone else starts using them (heck – you can build an arduino kit for an inertial/GPS guidance system for less than 100$ – THAT, boys and girls, is what I call a security threat)

    Right. Now I’m rapidly getting rat-faced, so I better stop this before it gets … raggedy.

    But if you have any more really easy questions like that, by all means post them and I’ll try to get back to them after the fog lifts 😉

    Oh, and I know it’s probably not cool, but I really like this song just at the moment:

    Actually, I just like the arrangement. I’m not all that interested in the words, which are probably stupid. I wonder if this is phil’s future – as a kind of milk-toast phillip glass to be remixed and sampled. If so, my hat’s off to the man. I sort of have a soft spot for the original … because it was in an episode of miami vice 🙂

    [1] Very Humble, Barely Informed Opinion. Wait and see.

  21. Marek Bage

    We must never forget 9/11!

    On that sorry date, state sponsored terrorism accounted for the death of over three thousand innocents.
    All because they were seen as the ideological satan.
    For some perverted reason, innocent people many thousands of kilometres removed from the fanatics needed to die in order to safeguard a corrupt ideology against a non-existant threat.

    Not happy with the senseless bloodshed, the terrorists propped up the mechanism whereby nearly thirty thousand others were tortured for their apostasy from the perverted ideology.

    The scars of this terrorism have settled upon a generation of what I know to be the kindest and most gentle people to walk this earth.

    A couple of buildings knocked over and a few thousand dead is small Karma for the US to pay for their sins against the people of Chile.
    Not to mention the rest of the world.

    If you live by the sword….


  22. SHV

    Maybe Col didn’t read it in full:

    […he should be a credulous and ignorant fanatic whose prevailing moods are fear, hatred, adulation, and orgiastic triumph.]

  23. jules

    IThey should have arrested Dubya and his entire admin for a start.

    What a friggin joke.

    Imagine if it had been Gillard and the BER or the Malaysian solution instead of Dubya and the Twin Towers? She wouldn’t have made it out of parliament alive. BTW what did Afghanistan have to do with a bunch of Saudi terrorists sponsored by the ISI and Gulf States businessmen?

    And can we please just drop it now. It was 10 years ago, build a fucking bridge.

    Its not like at least 100 people died in the ME for each person killed that day. Or that 100 million children died of things like starvation or preventable diseases in the intervening decade. The god damned Tea party Republicans last year vetoed a bill allowing something vaguely resembling funding for dying first responders unless there was an extension of tax cuts for the mega rich.

  24. geoff geyer

    Miranda and colon – both a severe waste of a rute.

  25. monkeywrench

    Stupid Col. No wonder he was just a grunt in the army.
    Bush never did what I wanted him to, which was go straight to Afghanistan, do not pass Go, do not collect your $200. He invaded Iraq. Where Al Qaeda didn’t exist, but vast oil reserves did, and his Daddy’s failed war hung on his conscience.
    Now Iraq is a haven and hotbed of AQ terrorism, and will probably soon produce another terrorist leader who will attack the US in a painful way. Plus the odd half million innocents killed along the way.
    You are a very silly little man, Col. You don’t have arguments, simply a tiresome desire to annoy the people you think you hate.

  26. Angra

    Col – I suggest we just stand back and f***ing nuke ’em where it hurts.

    “Found it. Just short of Zeta II Reticuli. We haven’t reached the Outer Rim yet.”

    But I think you are approaching it.

  27. kyneton

    Capt Colon @ 13

    Clearly you didnt read all of the post. Theres a number of responses the West couldve taken after 9/11, as the post says, we took the worst of all the options. Jesus ya not even really trying are ya???

  28. quantize

    The Oz (predictably) and even SMH (presumably to get the steam off their alarmist p*ss) showing the sad level ‘journalism’ has sunk to…both running the ‘it could happen again!’

    duhhhhhhhhhhhh….how stupid do they treat their readers?!’s enough to simply repeat what any pollie actually tells them (ie…all we can actually do is remain vigilant and sensible)..but no : IT MIGHT HAPPEN AGAIN! IT COULD, IT COULD!

    Anything MIGHT happen…but can they actually report news like it’s fact rather than a crystal ball for morons?

    The angle is so transparent…we must alarm everyone..that is our ‘job’

    you know, if that’s their job then they have absolutely sunk to the bottom rung of dirty jobs..they certainly make even advertising seem like a nice business.

  29. Angra

    SHV – and remember this memorable comment from Lyndon Johnson when confronting the Greek ambassador about the Cyprus conflict in the early1970’s.

    “F*ck your parliament and your constitution. America is an elephant. Cyprus is a flea. Greece is a flea. If these two fleas continue itching the elephant, they may just get whacked good … We pay a lot of good American dollars to the Greeks, Mr Ambassador. If your prime minister gives me talk about democracy, parliament and constitution, he, his parliament and his constitution may not last very long.”

  30. Captain Col

    So, pray tell, what strategy would you lefties have implemented if you could have been in the shoes of the hated Bush, Blair, Howard?

    Bend over and beg, “May I have another, please sir”?

    Let’s see if we can’t liven this blog up.

  31. SHV

    This extract is unnervingly applicable:

    [What is concerned here is not the morale of masses, whose attitude is unimportant so long as they are kept steadily at work, but the morale of the Party itself. Even the humblest Party member is expected to be competent, industrious, and even intelligent within narrow limits, but it is also necessary that he should be a credulous and ignorant fanatic whose prevailing moods are fear, hatred, adulation, and orgiastic triumph. In other words it is necessary that he should have the mentality appropriate to a state of war. It does not matter whether the war is actually happening, and, since no decisive victory is possible, it does not matter whether the war is going well or badly. All that is needed is that a state of war should exist.]

  32. SHV

    We need an inquiry into media. Murdoch’s ownership/control of our public discussion (including through infiltration of the ABC) must be removed or so diluted as to be harmless.

    Compare the muck referred to above with this piece by Glen Greenwald:

    The 1984 comparison sums up the role of our Hate Media in keeping us in Total War.

  33. Fran Barlow

    Kyneton …

    It’s only terrorism if westerners suffer. Deaths of non-westerners have other terms: e.g. “tribal violence”, “sectarian conflict”, “inter-clan warfare”, “civil conflict/war” etc

  34. quantize

    Rightards, always pretending to be the victims of censorship whilst shutting down any dissenting voices..

    yeh…big fans of democracy…

    dumb fks

  35. kyneton

    Had the misfortune of hearing about 10 minutes of the 3aw sunday morning show this morning. One caller was quickly shut down when he referred to the 2 right leaning hosts (Steve Murphy and John Michael Howson) as the “John Howard fan club” and tried to point out that terrorism got worse after the COW invaded Iraq which is perfectly reasonable to say because its true. Is invoking the memory of John Howard “being there” in NY on the day of the attack substitution for when the speaker cant put himself in the frame because they were sitting comfy, far away in a safe Western Nation? Our Great Leader Johnny Understands. Do you, liberal heathens??

  36. Matthew of Canberra

    “Perhaps Westerners’ lives are considered more valuable than any others?”

    We don’t do body counts.

  37. 11 September 2011 – a day to celebrate our victory over a bunch of fanatical criminals | An Onymous Lefty

    […] As Matthew puts it in a comment at Pure Poison: Yesterday (or so), the bolinator was asking (roughly) “is the best they can do?”, referring to […]

  38. Fran Barlow

    Angra said:

    [Perhaps Westerners’ lives are considered more valuable than any others?]


    The Onion has it pretty right:,21309/

  39. Matthew of Canberra

    Just to begin with … yeah, the “I was THERE!” thing is nauseating. Yeah, right. Within mere blocks of a television showing GROUND ZERO!

    I wonder – if anyone did nationwide poll of people who saw the event first-hand, what would the population of new york be that day? 100 million? Don’t get me wrong – I’m not dissing the people who really were there and affected. My beef is with the maladjusted and miserable people who have so little else to lay claim to that they have to try to attach themselves to somebody else’s tragedy. Yes, miranda, you really ARE a part of history.

    Anyhey, andy had a go at this meme yesterday, too. Apparently, after 10 years it’s time to declare a (qualified) victory. The boosters really have have to, because if they don’t eventually declare victory … that means their tactics were wrong. If history’s going to judge george bush, then it’s probably time that history got a little helping hand … because right now, history isn’t looking kindly on the guy, and it’s getting worse with each new unearthed file.

    Yesterday (or so), the bolinator was asking (roughly) “is the best they can do?”, referring to the maybe-truck-bomb that probably isn’t bearing down on new york and/or washington. Andrew – that’s all they could EVER do. Their one innovation was to take advantage of airline security that let people take knives onto planes and stage a really big truck bomb. It wasn’t a brilliant or unimaginable innovation – not only was it in the (now famous) “debt of honour” by tom clancy (not his best by a long way – I recently had to struggle to even remember what it was about, whereas cardinal of the kremlin’s a real ripper). It has (apparently) been used in a couple of movies, and was apparently even used on a TV show … broadcast in the US in 2001. It just wasn’t that [email protected]#ing clever.

    Since then, in the US, it’s been amateur night. You have to be pretty desperate to consider that times square thing as anything more than slapstick. The fort hood shooting was just another in an endless line of shootings in the US. A total moron tried to run people over with an SUV, and ballsed it up. THAT’S the enemy. Try comparing these bozos to the IRA, and they’re really very ordinary. The west won that war the moment it decided to take an active interest in doing something about it.

    The bad guys never stood a chance. They were rats who had to operate by scurrying around in the dark and sneaking away. Let’s not forget that david hicks was “the worst of the worst”. That’s apparently the level of threat we faced. All the good guys had to do was turn the light on and deal with the rat problem. We DIDN’T have to declare war on a quarter of the world.

    Despite the recent mythbuster, I don’t believe this turd can be polished. The good guys chose the wrong strategy (as well as the right strategy thankfully). We’ll still be dealing with the fallout from this in 20 years’ time.

  40. Lee Harvey Oddworld

    La Devine’s columns are so poorly argued (and even lacking the veneer of “research” that Bolt usually applies) that I’m not convinced they warrant any attention at all.


    We have so gentrified the idea of moral relativism that it is considered distasteful to talk about the “good guys” and the “bad guys”.

    Isn’t that just the New Right ideology in a nutshell? A ferocious rejection of political correctness, moral complication, deep thinking, shades of grey, even science … anything that clouds a simplified and easily digestible worldview?

  41. quantize

    Miranda never lets reality (inc the abject failure of the invasion of Iraq based on lies she has been happy to regurgitate inanely ever since) get in the road of a jolly good ideological vomit..

    It’s hard to decide who is more stupid, Miranda or anyone who would take anything she says seriously..

    Zero credibility

  42. Angra

    As a counterweight to the Devine et al’s religious fervour in worshipping the apocalypse, Michael Brull has a good piece on The Drum.

    The ‘event that changed the world’ was that the guns had been turned on the West in contrast to the decades of Western state-sponsored terrorism against ‘the others’ which has killed thousands more, but has hardly been challenged by Western media.

    Perhaps Westerners’ lives are considered more valuable than any others?