Pure Poison IconIt’s revealing how vastly differently various individuals can view the same news, isn’t it? For example, what’s your reaction to this story?

The ABS survey reveals that government pensions or benefits are the main source of income for one in four households, which get by on an average of $557 a week.

Mine is sadness at the extent of poverty, and a determination to support policies to help these people – the same story reports that the “average” household is spending $1236 on goods and services, more than double the income of more than a quarter of Australian households. These are people – and children – struggling, living very difficult lives, and I’d support policies that would, through the tax system, make sure that they had access to decent public services. These are people who need our help.

Alternatively, you could take the attitude of the compassionate Mr Bolt:

So many dependents, living dependent lives

This doesn’t sound healthy…

The clear insinuation is that we should be reducing the assistance we give the people at the bottom of capitalism’s pile. Bolt’s readers certainly got the hint:

This is insane, welfare is not meant to be a lifestyle choice! It is a supposed to be a safety net for those who have no other choice and have lost the means to take care of themselves.

That one if four families are reliant on welfare is an utter disgrace and a testament to the insidious nature of welfare. This needs to stop and it needs to stop now. The nation cannot afford this welfare. It can’t afford the monetary cost and it can’t afford the social cost (which is much greater).

Individual responsibility should be king. Before saying ‘can you help me’ people need to ask ‘can I help myself?’
MattR of Melbourne (Reply)

Yes and with every boat load we pay more & more while the workers get slugged & Gillard-Brown just keeps pledging money. What about US !!!!!!! She will probably rise the retirement age to 80 while she has the nerve to say she cant afford the baby boomers to retire & we have payed TAXES ALL OUR WORKING LIVES. Stop the boats Gillard- Brown and you will save BILLIONS a year then maybe you can back off taxing us.

Disgusted (Reply)
Wed 07 Sep 11 (07:27am)

Park replied to michael
Wed 07 Sep 11 (08:36am)

you obviously don’t deal with lots of people otherwise you’d know that the welfare system is being rorted and comprehensively at that! When people are not just encouraged but pretty much instructed on how to get more and more out of the government and when they use this information to budget their lifestyle you know you have a problem. When they feel no shame about the money they get from the government whilst showing off about how easy it is to rort the system. Personally in that situation I always remind the rorters that the government does not have a bank unless of course they regard me and everyone they see walking around in the office as a bank. Only then some of them look a little embarrassed.

larg replied to michael
Wed 07 Sep 11 (08:38am)

i have a better idea, i’ll stop working then there won’t be any money for dolebludgers like you.

You get the idea. (They certainly did.)

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