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Sep 21, 2011

Headline news

Headline news:

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Not headline news:

The [IMF] says Australia is in about the best fiscal position of any developed country, having the second-lowest government debt of 29 advanced economies, being beaten only by Estonia.

Actually, the second one is so far from being headline news that it’s buried in a story at Fairfax entitled “Sharp drop for economy, IMF warns”.

Even News Ltd reported the bit about Swan being “world’s best treasurer”:

Anyway, so what? David Flint is upset that someone was indirectly disrespectful to the flag! There should be an inquiry!


15 thoughts on “Headline news

  1. Fran Barlow

    Some information of “Sherro” of the bogus Euromoney claims:

    On April 9 of this year, someone with the nym “Geoff Sherrington of Donvale” posted to the Blot site. A quick google search shows that this person posts under the nym “Sherro”

    [There is a writer on these pages under the name ‘sherro’. I am Geoffrey H Sherrington of Donvale, Melbourne and my Internet name is often ‘sherro’. It is also my eBay name and has been since 1999. I am not the ‘sherro’ who has made remarks about Michael Eastick, whom I hold in high regard.]

    Apparently when he isn’t sending the Blot false stuff to redux, he is into philately … and hostility to renewables.

    High cost of going green (April 12 2008)

    In this he self-describes as “a scientist” — of what he doesn’t say. Further research shows he self-describes as “a chemist” in this submission to a UK House of Commons committee in July last year.

    He claims knowlwedge of the philosophy of science and makes this parting claim: The last decade has seen a rise in scientific obfuscation, to the detriment of all.

    Hmmm nudge nudge wink wink … Elsewhere on the web in 2010 he makes clear that the cyber-cracking of East Anglia University — so called “climategate” — is an issue for him.

    Truly, irony abounds. Fact checking for this Horatio was obviously not dreamed of in his philosophy.

    As PP will know:

    [Euromoney 2006 Best Investment Bank – Lehman Brothers (Busted 2007)]
    Actually: Merill Lynch

    [Euromoney 2006 Best Equity House – Morgan Stanley (Bailed out 2007)]
    Actually: Goldman Sachs

    [Euromoney 2006 Best at Risk Management – Bear Stearns (Busted 2007) ]
    Actually: Deutsche Bank

    [Euromoney 2006 Best at Investor Services – Citigroup (Bailed out 2007)]
    Actually: ABN AMRO Mellon

    So none from 4 correct.

  2. Brizben

    I would not have pictured Julia as an “on top” type of girl.

    I remember reading an interview with the Frontline crew and they said they used to get phone calls from the current affairs shows asking “How did you know about that back room story?” The truth was the Frontline guys were just making up story lines as they went along and had no idea about the back room story until the current affairs guys called them. Given the big reaction from conservatives I was wondering if the’re any rumours floating around about a conservative MP wrapped in a flag?

  3. Matthew of Canberra

    AB’s desperately trying to squeeze some mileage out of that TV show. He’s comparing it with the cake-surprise bikini-dancer at hawke’s birthday bash, who wore the howard mask and flag. Apparently “labor [thought] that was funny”. A dancer, booked by hawke’s wife to jump out of a cake at a private party is somehow representative of what “labor thinks is funny”. A bit of a stretch.

    And the hypocrisy, it seems, is that labor DOESN’T think the show “julia at home” is funny.

    I’m not sure what “labor” thinks, but it doesn’t tickle my funny bone. Not because of the subject matter, but because it’s just not funny. I don’t like cringe humor. Little britain left me cold (the TV show, not the radio show – which was actually quite good). The Office – nup, no interest at all. That guy who did “summer heights high” doesn’t make me chuckle one bit. It’s just not my sort of humor. I DID like The Hollowmen – I’ve watched every episode several times, and it’s pretty scathing of rudd’s (implied) style of government (even if most of the policies were lifted from the previous regime). I don’t think anyone from “labor” complained about that, and I think we’d all like to see some new episodes. The chaser goes after everyone, and when they’re funny they’re very good (and received well by most PMs). But again … they’re not always funny.

    And my impression is that the liberal party is far, far more critical of this TV show than ALP members are. The libs’ response is outrage – the labs are more “I don’t get it”.

    But andy’s a bit desperate to try to make out this is some grand hypocrisy. Nobody on “the left” seems to particularly care about either incident – whereas the outrage on the other side is obvious. And he’s also comparing a gauche (but fairly tame) gag at somebody’s birthday party (which was a surprise to most attendees, by definition) vs a nationally-televised comedy drama.

  4. Deziner

    Surprise surprise, it seems that didn’t publish my comment likening the the Liberal Party to pyromanic firefighters and that they take this opportunity to talk up our economy instead of sabotaging it for their own political gain. In fact they didn’t publish any comments from before 10:30am, even though I made mine at 6:30am (the article content hasn’t changed as far as I can tell, and it’s definitely the same one because I left it open in my browser).

    I wonder what they could be hiding. Could there have been other comments congratulating Swan or calling out the Liberal Party on their scare-tactics?

    On another but related note, there was also a nice editorial in the Courier Mail today decrying, yet again, the media enquiry, claiming that it’s just the government trying to silence criticism and that the readers should be the best judge of if a paper is biased. Hmmm, If they can’t publish any pro-Labor/anti-Liberal comments by their readers, why should we be convinced that they care what their readers think?

    No wonder they’re shit-scared of a media enquiry (even though it’s hobbled).

  5. Fran Barlow

    Re: AHWJ — could the desire of the ABC to pander to the most ignorant reactionaries and airheads be any more stark? Surely this should be the final curtain on allegations of left-of-centre predisposition by the ABC?

    When even John Forrest and John Howard cry fould, you know the jig is up.

  6. revolutionary

    The AHWJ ‘story’ through the myopic Ltd News worldview is nothing more than an opportunity to beat up their perceived enemy in the ABC.

    Sad really that their own petty agendas dominate the news cycle.

  7. fractious

    I am certain that Peter Costello will be appearing in all major MSM outlets congratulating Swanny on his award and a job well done, and declaring that he’s not at all upset by the fact that Keating is the only other Australian Treasurer to receive this award.

    In 5 4 3 …

  8. SHV

    Euromoney has a lengthy article about Swan:


    [So if things are so good under Swan, why are Australians so miserable? Why are Swan and his government colleagues so despised, when they helped protect Australian from, indeed saved it from, the chaos that ravages trans-Atlantic looking longingly down under from afar?

    ‘Some of Swan’s schemes were poorly implemented, and the Murdoch press has won the battle of public impressions in portraying them as a colossal waste but the truth is maybe 2% of them were wasted.’]

    That quote was from Saul Eslake described in the article as ‘an old university chum of Costello’.

  9. Matthew of Canberra


    Are they suggesting that it’s a “smear” to imply that the PM and her live-in partner might be … you know …

    That’s not a smear. Suggesting that she personally benefited from the proceeds of crime … now THAT’S a smear.

  10. quantize

    They’re really not sure where to direct their droning idiot readership’s rage are they?

    very confusing..

  11. Tomus Barava

    I like this comment from the ABC online coverage of Swan receiving the best finance minister award.


    21 Sep 2011 9:06:01am

    Too right.
    The Treasurer and the Reserve Bank governor of the day should get the credit

  12. Trevor

    Would love to see some of the quotes dragged out from Barnaby about Australia defaulting because our debt was so large and out of control. Hmmm, if we have the second lowest debt & cant pay then I guess we may as well turn the lights off and go back to the caves.

  13. gtpfb13

    Looks like the Southbank Sook might be a bit miffed about Australia’s Most Incompetent Government being given an award for their competence.

    First, he delegitimises the award:

    Swan wins, and let’s hope the judges got it right for once
    Andrew Bolt – Wednesday, September 21, 11 (06:57 am)

    Reader Sherro gives credit where it’s due:

    Congratulations to Treasurer Wayne Swan for winning the Euromoney 2011 Award for Best Finance Minister! May I also take a moment to congratulate some former Euromoney Award Winners:

    Euromoney 2006 Best Investment Bank – Lehman Brothers (Busted 2007)
    Euromoney 2006 Best Equity House – Morgan Stanley (Bailed out 2007)

    Euromoney 2006 Best at Risk Management – Bear Stearns (Busted 2007)

    Euromoney 2006 Best at Investor Services – Citigroup (Bailed out 2007)

    And I’d like to note the favourable Euromoney commentary on AIG’s future, 2007 (bailed out 2007)

    Hmmm… should we be worried?

    Then he comes up with a negative angle to trash the recipient:


    Right on cue:

    THE International Monetary Fund has slashed its economic forecasts for Australia, warning of a new global recession that would hit commodity prices and drive millions worldwide into unemployment….

    The fund says Australia will grow at only 1.8 per cent this year, down from its previously forecast 3 per cent. The figure is way below the May budget forecast and only half the most recent Reserve Bank forecast, suggesting it will be harder than expected to reach the promised budget surplus in 2012-13. For 2012 the fund forecasts 3.3 per cent, down from 3.5 per cent.

    But it points out that these are best-case forecasts, made on the assumption that almost everything goes right.

    Note that he leaves out the section of the story you quote.

    What is it about Right Wing Hacks and having to cherry pick to “legitimise” their agenda?

  14. Aldaron

    Oh, that must just have Abbott & Hockey absolutely *seething*! I would pay serious money to be in the next meeting between them! 🙂

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