Pure Poison IconIs this the most spectacular own-goal in trollumnist history?

In a column arrogantly titled “Silencing me impedes unity”, published on the front page of the Herald Sun (and news.com.au) with further pages of comment inside, Andrew clearly demonstrates how yesterday’s Federal Court judgment did no such thing. He writes hundreds of words about race, making the same points he claimed he intended to make in his column. He writes them from a position where, far from being “silenced”, you could hardly walk past a newsagent without being made fully aware of them.

The only thing Andrew Bolt appears to no longer be comfortable putting are the critical errors from the original pieces, the damaging errors that hurt the particular ordinary people about whom they were made – but that’s alright, because he dismisses them by saying “none seem to me to be of consequence”. So, according to Andrew’s own words, nothing of consequence has been lost.

The lie in the claim that Bolt’s “free speech” has been crushed is out there for all to see. In fact, today, it’s kind of hard to avoid.

ELSEWHERE: And while we’re at it, we were a little surprised by this paragraph of Bolt’s:

Believe me, I wouldn’t ever want to test that assurance after going through what I have — two years of worry, two weeks in court, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal costs, just to test whether my columns could pass this muster.

“Going through what I have… hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal costs”. Is Andrew Bolt claiming that he has personally paid “hundreds of thousands of dollars” of his own legal costs in this case? Not his employer’s notoriously deep pockets for litigation?

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