Pure Poison IconIf you thought that Miranda Devine’s facile Godwinning of the “freedom to print untrue smears” saga was absurd, wait till you see her effort this afternoon:

“Hypocrisy in action”, Ms Devine’s post is titled. But wait, does that make even a passing amount of sense?

Burnside believes there should be some restrictions on absolute free speech, and by promptly apologising for and retracting an objectionable inference, demonstrates that he believes the rule applies to him as well. Unlike Bolt, he is immediately sorry, realises when he has overstepped the mark, and seeks to amend.

So where’s the “hypocrisy”? In her haste to smear a critic of her “team”, Miranda appears to have again embarrassingly overreached.

The unhinging continues.

ELSEWHERE: Talking of hypocrisy that doesn’t require sarcasm quotes around the word, the Southbank Sook, still unrepentent over his harmful errors, and amazingly failing to consider the example before him of how an adult actually takes responsibility for a mistake, has the gall to seize on the incident to suggest that he is owed an apology.

UPDATE (1/10): Bolt’s gone even more ridiculous, with a post titled “If I’d tweeted like Burnside…”
If you’d tweeted like Burnside, what? You’d have apologised like he did and withdrawn the remark? Not on this week’s form you wouldn’t have.

I may not speak because I’m too rude, but Julian Burnside can tweet all day:

What are you talking about? You’re speaking plenty! And Burnside has apologised for the offending tweet and withdrawn it!

As for the reference to Deveny and Behrendt’s old tweets:

Excuse me for being still a bit self absorbed after the week I’ve had, but had I tweeted what Burnside and Behrendt have, would I still have a job? Would I ever hear the end of it?

You DO still have your job and you’re not likely to be sacked! Deveny lost hers! Behrendt almost did! Burnside works for himself.

And none of them have heard the end of it, as your reviving the stories today demonstrates.

All you are doing is, again, highlighting how where you get away with it whilst declaring that you’re “still not sorry”, other people, adults, apologise whilst suffering real world consequences. There is hypocrisy here, but you need to look in the mirror to see it.

(Funnily enough, Andrew Bolt’s summary of the “nasty streak” revealed by twitter nastiness” leaves out the “rogering gerbils” twitter viciousness of his defender Miranda Devine, above.)

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