Pure Poison IconThey might control 70% of the country’s print media; they might work with and defend the rights of the most privileged people in the country; they might have an enormous megaphone from which to trumpet their views; they might mock voters for “getting it wrong” when they don’t elect their preferred party… but News Ltd and its writers are not the “elites”.

No, silly – the “elites” are lefties who want better public services for the poor and want the rest of us to pay for it with our taxes.

People who enjoy this are not “elites”:
These are the “elites”:

Still, although we understand that the latter are oppressive “elites” and the former simply advocates for ordinary Australian battlers, News might want to be a little more careful publishing things like this, from news.com.au editor David Penberthy today:

The problem is that so many people simply don’t know how to cook any more, or have convinced themselves that they don’t have time to cook.

He then goes on to luxuriate in the memory of “béchamel-rich lasagne”.

And he’s not the only News Ltd columnist who writes this way. I won’t say too much about his colleague Andrew Bolt’s columns about European holiday destinations and the finer points of opera (eg “High art returns to Melbourne at last“)… but he does seem to mention them a lot. And whilst we’re not saying those things are “elitist” in any way, they might, if you squint a little, kind of sound a little bit like it. To an unsympathetic reader.

Perhaps we need a new section here at Pure Poison – Elitism Watch. Dedicated to helping News Ltd see trends of elitism in its own commentary so it can act quickly before anyone mistakes the company and its journalists as the dreaded “elites” they work so hard to combat.

If we get some good entries, we might include it in next week’s podcast. (This week’s will be uploaded this afternoon.)

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