Oct 12, 2011


How have our media responded to the passing of

Pure Poison IconHow have our media responded to the passing of the Government’s legislation pricing Carbon emissions?

News and the ABC went with the vapid, though predictable.
Sealed with a kiss

Sealed with a kiss

But Fairfax went one better.

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Judas kiss? Seriously? And yet journalists wonder why many people treat their profession with scorn and ridicule. Where are the photos of Greg Combet kissing the PM, or any other of the front benchers? Once again we see our press presenting the story that appeals to them as proof that they’re telling the important stories.



30 thoughts on “Sideshow.

  1. AR

    BSAB – Delilah? Or Matthew 14.20 except that she was suspended for logorrhoea rather than menorrhoea.

  2. BSA Bob

    PeeBee at 14 shows them up, “Judas Kiss” isn’t historically accurate but who cares? It makes for a damaging line to aid the trivialisation of all this. Perhaps a biblical scholar can come up with a reference for Sophie.

  3. rhwombat

    Black Cocky @27: That would explain Brown Bob’s pants. Come to think of it, it would explain Brown Bob.

  4. calyptorhynchus

    Just cruising round the net this morning, the right-wing trolls are out in droves, and they’re hurting.

    [Mr Burns’ voice] “Excellent”.

  5. sean

    Sideshow it certainly is, if The Drum tonight was any guide. What a satisifed little self-referential bunch our pollies and journos are.

  6. confessions

    [IT was almost like she was kissing a blow-up doll, a body language expert declared of yesterday’s kiss between Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd.]

    [Ms Gillard pushing her hips away from Mr Rudd was a further sign the pair lacked an intimate connection, as was her closed-mouth smile.

    “Women do that gesture in situations where they feel really uncomfortable,” Mr Pease said.

    “If you’re with some bird and you’re trying to impress her and she’s got the expression Julia Gillard’s got, you kind of know you’re bombing out.”]

    Oh. My. God. How did we get to this point?!

  7. Aliar Jones

    [Australia is the minority that still support the Labor/watermelon party ! ]

    If that’s what you call the parties who were able to form government in a democratic election…

    Unlike your heroes in the Coalition.

    You’re a buffoon Brown Bob…move along dingbat..we know you’re a fool

  8. Brown Bob

    “The whining grubby conservative classes are not the real Australia.”

    LOL that’s exactly right, the real Australia is the minority that still support the Labor/watermelon party !

    “Judas kiss? Seriously?”

    Also true! Move along, nothing to see here. The suggestion that Dudd is undermining Gillard is clearly insane haha.

  9. confessions

    Most of the msm also reported this morning that the carbon tax was now law, conveniently forgetting (or perhaps they didn’t know?) that the bills need to first be passed through both houses of Parliament before they can become law. Worse, the OO began its report of the vote with a statement that (wtte) for the first time the HoR has passed carbon pricing legislation. Had it forgotten that the CPRS bills passed through the House twice, perhaps three times in the last Parliament?

    When you consider that almost every media outlet employs at least one journalist in Canberra to report exclusively on the happenings in Parliament, their misreporting of the passage of the CE bills through the House is quite simply, stunning. How can such failures occur and so systematically as well?

    We are very poorly served by the media in this country.

  10. Aliar Jones

    True Matthew, perhaps another way of saying it is that it’s only legitimate and democratic if the conservative right are in power…

    They really are the most disgusting and contemptible bunch of liars..

  11. Matthew of Canberra

    “The right really do hate democracy.”

    Oh, no. That’s not true at all. The problem is (according to andrew bolt) that this ISN’T democracy. Governments can’t do anything they didn’t say they’d do when they were elected (unless they’re liberal). And they can’t do anything that’s polling badly on newspoll (unless they’re liberal). And passing laws which might have long-term consequences that could be complicated to roll back is very bad indeed (unless they’re liberal). In fact, I don’t think a government’s even allowed to govern at all (unless they’re liberal). That’s democracy.

  12. brendanoreilly65

    Hear, hear Fran Barlow.

    It’s woeful reporting like this that makes me glad I don’t read the papers and listen to the news all day. But thank you to those who do, like the Pure Poison crowd, and who try and hold the charlatans to account.

    Brendan from [email protected]

  13. Fran Barlow

    While nobody honest and informed would confuse me with an ALP sympathiser I think it would be churlish and mistaken not to note that today’s vote was won by a government with the barest of majorities 12 months ago, and in the face of the most systematic, ubiquitous and sustained campaign of lying in Australia’s history, backed actively by the Murdochracy and their yappy puppies from Fairfax and #theirABC. Much of the boss class trolled the regime too, or remained at best silent, and even within the government camp, we know that there were dissenters.

    Yes, the regime’s ineptitude ensured they would do this the hard way, and they’d not have dared but for The Greens but in the end, they got it done, just. For this they get a pass, along with points for resisting everything the MBCM and their boss class gang threw at them.

  14. disco

    Advokato @ 12

    I doubt it. This should explain how it’s done:

  15. SHV

    PeeBee, if he did that it would be known as the “Judas Finger”.

    And what was everyone thinking when all those Romans walked in? “Oh look, it’s the AWU here for a chat”? Doesn’t make any sense.

  16. PeeBee

    Gee I don’t know that much about history, but I would have thought this wasn’t a ‘Judas Kiss’ moment – If my memory is correct, Judas kissed Jesus so the Roman’s knew who to arrest. That is he used it to identify Jesus. Surely Kev and Julia are well known in the parliment? (As a kid I often wondered why Judas just didn’t point to Jesus, but that was before I understood what 12 or thirteen blokes used to do when they hang around each other without female company).

  17. Aliar Jones

    Rabble interrupting parliament?

    The right really do hate democracy.

  18. Advokato

    Found this in Catallaxy Files’ comments section – is it for real?

  19. Patrick Ashforth

    Good to see that this story has now been superceded by some grumpy old people doing the same dumb thing as they did a few weeks ago – interrupting that pointless bit of parliament that is question time.

    How consequential!

  20. returnedman

    I can’t see where Kevin Rudd’s right hand is.

  21. gtpfb13

    @4 and she is regarded as one of their best!!!

    I dread the day that lot get into government. The Stupid will never stop burning.

  22. Aliar Jones

    I couldn’t care less how much of his own blood Tony Abbott spills..

    The whining grubby conservative classes are not the real Australia.

  23. ConnorJ

    Good day to be a Green! It’s nice to get dividends from my vote 🙂

  24. Ronson Dalby

    Russ44, I think it should be “Sophie Mirabella … is a goose.”

  25. Russ44

    “Judas kiss”, I believe, is what the Opposition were shouting as this occurred. But the real story of the day, surely, is that Sophie Mirabella lost her freedom of speech just because she was a goose.

  26. davkel

    It was Kevin Andrews who tweeted the ‘Judas Kiss’ reference. Doesn’t make it any better, just sayin’ is all…

  27. Matthew of Canberra

    Is there any word on how long this (rather obvious) relationship has been going on? And has the PM opened any accounts on behalf of the foreign minister?

    I mean, seriously. These are the important questions that all australians must be asking.

  28. Ronson Dalby

    Fairfax has really descended into the gutter alongside News Ltd offerings these days particularly with their online stuff. That ‘Judas Kiss’ photo and article is a disgrace and Phillip Coorey is the ‘Sydney Morning Herald chief political correspondent’? Doesn’t say much for the rest of the SMH/Age ‘journalists’.

    I’m sure 90% of the commenters on National Times articles come directly from the Telegraph, Herald-Sun etc. to spread their poison.

  29. shepherdmarilyn

    It’s as if they were so sure it would never get through after years of trying to stop it that they pick on the trivia.

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