Pure Poison IconYou might recall a Southbank columnist back in March attacking the Greens for the problems with the Victorian desalination plant – even though they had opposed it.

And here he is today, blaming them for the failure of a company involved in “carbon capture and storage”, something they also oppose:

So angry! Can’t! Hit! Keys! Straight!

Note that the Greens have got the Gillard Government to spend $10 billion on global warming schemes. Now note the fate of one such… This is not just a warning of the dangers of governments trying to pick winners, especially in the field of green dreams. It’s also a warning that one of the great hopes of saving our coal-fired power stations seems to be a mirage.

Which, of course, is what the Greens always said it was.

CCS was the coal industry’s attempt to look like they were doing something about climate change without actually having to do anything about it. The environment movement always called it as an unconvincing scam, and now that this columnist comes to the same conclusion – he blames the Greens that reached it much earlier than he did.

Still, to be fair, you could possibly blame the Greens for the failure of this CCS company precisely because they thought it was dodgy and refused to support it – the Clean Energy Fund is, at their behest, blocked from investing in “clean coal”, something he was whinging about in July.

But to criticise the Greens for that would be to demand that more public money be spent on dodgy coal capture technology schemes, if even coal industry money can’t keep it alive.

In short: the Greens to blame, again, for being right. Damn them! Damn them to Hell!

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