Pure Poison IconYou’re not going to believe what slipped past moderators at The Australian today. Check this deranged, violent anti-union hatred spewed by someone named Grace Collier:

IF you are going to take a baseball bat to a group of unions, you’d better not stop belting until there is none left alive. You had better finish them off once and for all because, like monsters in horror movies that just won’t die, unions rebound with renewed force and enraged retaliation.

Wait – that’s not an insane reader comment that snuck through, that’s an actual article? A real, published article – not a Cut & Paste Trophy “article”? Something with its own headline, URL etc? Jebus.

What next? Demanding that unionists swing from lamp-posts? (I guess we’ll have to wait for Miranda Devine’s column for that.)

No, seriously – I wonder why this article isn’t locked behind The Australian‘s paywall? Surely this is just the sort of premium quality content their readers expect to have to pay for.

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