Pure Poison IconOne more for the “Do you read what you link to?” file at Andrew Bolt’s blog. This time Andrew’s highlighting an article from Canada’s Globe and Mail

Lisa shows Julia how to handle an airline crisis

Julia Gillard meet Lisa Raitt.

Actually the Australian Prime Minister should have met Canada’s Labour Minister a few weeks ago – and potentially avoided all sorts of airline strife Down Under.

The contrasts in the way the two women handled potential major work stoppages in their airline industries are striking….

So let’s see what brilliant action Ms Raitt took to keep planes in the air.

But Ms. Raitt, arguing a work stoppage would be detrimental to the fragile economy recovery, referred the matter to the Canadian Industrial Relations Board. A few days later the two sides agreed to binding arbitration.

She referred the dispute to a 3rd party with the power to force arbitration, which is exactly what Julia Gillard did. The difference? Ms Raitt didn’t have to deal with Alan Joyce shutting down the airline involved in the dispute. Of course little details like this are hardly relevant to Andrew, anything that takes a shot at the ALP seems to be met with delight at his blog.

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