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Nov 4, 2011

0 Days without an ALP leadership speculation story

The Daily Telegraph and the papers that

Pure Poison IconThe Daily Telegraph and the papers that rely on it for content are again beating up an ALP leadership speculation story. It must be a day ending in Y. Homer keeps track of his parent company's Australian operations A source told me there are concerns that have been raised in discussions by unnamed parties that a certain person is considering doing something! I wish I could share with you the reason I believe that, but just take my word for it. You know, news. Still, I think the Daily Telegraph might have an ALP leadership speculation addiction problem. Perhaps, in the interests of helping them become functioning, credible members of the media again, we should keep track of how long they can go between indulging themselves. Resetting the counter to 0 days.

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27 thoughts on “0 Days without an ALP leadership speculation story

  1. Tomus Barava

    Put that 1 away

    Today at the DT, Penbo is handed the flesh coloured baton of ruddstoration and given the job of slipping it to the readers.

    The angle today is

    KEVIN’S strategy is to lie back and think of himself as the popular choice.

    “Rudd is trying to adopt a Zen-like approach to the leadership question and at this stage is not even preparing a challengeThe polls show that he is the people’s choice for prime minister.


  2. Archer


    “If we had the Malaysia deal they claim the refugees wouldn’t have died.”

    Are you suggesting we send our Air Force Hercules over to Quetta or Afghanistan to collect them for processing in Australia?

    Did the people die in Australian waters or Indonesian waters? If they died in Indonesian waters, it’s an Indonesian issue. Their drowning is the result of them boarding an unseaworthy vessel manned by Indonesian criminals performing an illegal act. It’s a tragedy but not Australia’s fault.

  3. Tomus Barava

    Don’t change the sign – it’s still zero days.

    Christopher Pearson keeping the newslogic going with the alternative Smith for PM theme via the failwall at the OO.


  4. Tomus Barava

    MoC & Mercurial

    regards travelling around the archipelago.

    If you have a passport it shouldn’t be too much of a problem and not to expensive.

    On a few journeys through those parts, I found it was pretty easy to travel just about anywhere you wanted and also pretty easy to bend the rules if necessary.

    Buses, taxis, trains and scooters cross boarders, ferries, dingies and dugout canoes can be boarded at every port and in every town or kampung you’ll find somewhere cheap and hospitable to stay.

    Generally, I’d say it is never safe travelling in SE Asia.

  5. Aliar Jones

    [Rad informed me months ago and he is a senior labor sauce

    the Smokey Bitter Idiot Flavour

  6. Mercurial

    MoC, I see no reason why boats wouldn’t sink on their way down the archipelago. Or maybe as you say the owners just make them unseaworthy for the final leg. You know, to discredit the government and all.

    Of course it happens. It happens all the time. It’s just that off the coast of malaysia they aren’t seen as “our” responsibility so we don’t hear much about them. Just like we don’t hear much about them if they stay put in their home countries and have the sh*te blown out of them (despite the fact that in many cases we’re doing the blowing).

    We really are an insular lot.

  7. Matthew of Canberra

    Regarding refugees coming to grief in transit … (which I agree is horrible and I’m stumped as to what we can do about it short of slamming the gates and finding ways to prevent anyone from getting in at all).

    Does anyone know if boats sink on their way down the asian archipeligo? I can’t believe that ALL of our boat-people are cashed-up millionaires who fly into malaysia and indonesia and jump on junks there. Some of them, surely, must be using makeshift and less-than-worthy travel during their transit from iraq, iran, sri lanka etc. Do any of those ever sink? Or does it only happen when it can embarrass an australian PM?

  8. shepherdmarilyn

    On some things Michelle is excellent but on refugees she is as brainwashed, knee jerk and reactionary as all the others with the prattle and babble about policy while ignoring law.

    It is over 2 months since the high court killed the Malaysia deal illegal and dead and yet they are all still going on about it as if it is real.

    Michelle’s piece yesterday was just as ridiculous as Bowen’s babble.

    If we had the Malaysia deal they claim the refugees wouldn’t have died.

    Well what caused other refugees to be blown up in Quetta or Afghanistan? The Malaysia deal couldn’t be signed?

    Give me a break, the mumbling morons forget that people have to get all the way to Christmas Island safely before Bowen could have traded them.

  9. Chris Tallis

    I’m certain that Gillard is GONE.
    Rad informed me months ago and he is a senior labor sauce

  10. Tomus Barava

    Good point Pav,

    So if we apply newslogic© and blotsense to this current leadership crisis in the Liberal Party, we’d have to assume Christopher Pyne is the frontrunner to dispose of Abbott.

  11. The Pav

    Dear Tomus

    Sloppy Joe is too lazy to do it. He’d get half way through and quit

  12. Tomus Barava

    Just heard from Senior Lieberal sources that Hockey is asking around for numbers to remove Abbott as opposition leader.

    Abbott should be worried as it’s always a danger to let Joe anywhere near numbers…

  13. fred p

    A Southbank Sook column from 1 September had Gillard “almost certainly” replaced by the end of that month:

    Just keep running the same line on the first of each month and eventually you’ll be right. Lucky for Bolt, his fans are either very forgiving of his constantly incorrect predictions or have extremely short memories.

  14. Bob Biggs

    @Jeremy don’t sell yourself short those ms paint skillz are tight.

  15. returnedman

    She has totally lost it.

    A shame, considering that Grattan is more thorough and level-headed than most journalists (although I’m sure Marilyn Shepherd will disagree).

  16. johnny come lately

    Michelle Grattan has been carrying on about leadership speculation as well, particularly over the past 6 months. She has totally lost it.

  17. Aliar Jones

    [Just heard from Senior Lieberal sources that Hockey is asking around for numbers to remove Abbott as opposition leader.]

    Oh how sweet would that be..

  18. Lord Barry Bonkton

    Just heard from Senior Lieberal sources that Hockey is asking around for numbers to remove Abbott as opposition leader.

  19. John Reidy

    Today they get to bash the greens – in the OZ – apparently CSG is now all fine….

  20. mondo rock

    Political horse-racing commentary. The bloody media pundits disappear up their own arses every time there is even a hint of intrigue amongst their favourite people.

    Politics as soap opera. Lord help us.

  21. Howard,B.

    Great idea, but I’m not sure they ever were “functioning, credible members of the media”.

    I object. The Tele has long been a functioning and credible means with which to keep the sun off a 17 X 11 inch section of tradie dashboards all over Sydney. This is to say nothing of the excellent NRL coverage and form guide.

  22. Tomus Barava

    News Ltd report today on comments by Joe Hockey, the opposition spokesman for semantics…

    Mr Hockey today said Mr Rudd was using semantics to avoid answering the question, and he expected him to “have a go”.

    “Listen to his words very, very carefully,” Mr Hockey told Channel 7 today.

    “He says he’s very, very happy to be foreign minister, well I’m sure he is.

    “It doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be even happier to be prime minister.”

    Someone really should call the RSPCDH, because this dead horse is being flogged to new and inhumane levels of stupid.


  23. savvas jwnhs

    Bill Shorten. The ALP would have reached its nadir if he ever got the leadership.

  24. Jeremy Sear

    By the way, I’d like to apologise for my MS Paint skillz. Because of Dave, Pure Poison readers have come to expect – nay, deserve – better. Clearly I need to learn Photoshop.

  25. Tomus Barava

    Jeremy –

    Great idea, but I’m not sure they ever were “functioning, credible members of the media”.

  26. dam buster of Preston

    I suggested the ‘Coup Plot Watch’ yesterday in the open thread. The Tele said by the end of november.

    I suggest that this thread be updated with the daily headlines (if you can keep up!):

    From yesterday:
    Rudd coy as challenge talk mounts
    November coup plotted on Julia Gillard – pressure on Kevin Rudd to push for top job

    today so far:
    Labor turmoil: Shorten rules out Gillard challenge
    Window of opportunity mists over

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