Pure Poison IconThe Australian’s Cut and Paste column today took aim at The Age’s coverage of Qantas CEO Alan Joyce.

The Age opposes all discrimination except when it comes to enemies of the people

Cut and Paste then lists a series of references to Joyce’s Irish heritage. Of course, The Australian would know all about the inappropriateness of these kinds of references, having removed an article by Imre Salusinszky last year that mocked Joyce after the incident when one of their A380 jets suffered from an engine problem.

In the article, Salusinszky reproduced Joyce’s statement in a mimicked Irish accent, writing:

Tiz too arly ter judge waaat dat issue is an’ ‘oy long it ‘ill take ter be fixed … It cud be ahn issue wi’ de casin’ or it cud be an issue wi’ de turbo-ines …

Joyce said he was ”appalled and very annoyed” by the article, and added: “I was also very disappointed that the Irish community could be insulted in such a way by a major Australian newspaper.”

Of course, Joyce now appears to be a hero at The Australian due to his willingness to take extreme action to upset unions that represent his workforce, so there’ll be no more mockery of his accent or heritage thank you very much.

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