Pure Poison IconDo you remember the time that almost every show on TV used to put together an episode that was almost nothing but flashbacks as a way to cheaply pad out the schedule? It was a bit like that reading Piers Akerman on the weekend as he prepares for the fourth anniversary of the ALP defeating John Howard.

Coming at you like a violent gastro attack is the fourth anniversary of the Rudd/Gillard Labor election.


Let’s walk down memory lane with Piers, being careful not to step in the remnants of his metaphor.It won’t come as a shock that for something as important as an anniversary Piers pulled out all the stops:

the pink batt program which incinerated homes and killed installers, the school building program which was effectively ripped-off, the closure of the effective Nauru detention centre and its replacement with an ineffective border protection strategy.

But don’t let reality interfere, let’s keep on trucking:

The greatest example of Labor’s cack-handed administration is (to date) the NBN. Set up in such a rush that no due diligence was performed on those appointed to run the broadband program

Glad we covered that, anything else?

There was Rudd’s great 20/20 Summit talkfest, 962 ideas put forward, nine accepted for a cost of $2 million. The abandoned $8.4 million GroceryWatch program, the abandoned $20 million FuelWatch, the $1.2 billion blow-out of the computer for every pupil scheme, the $1.7 billion blow-out in the BER program (with waste running between $6 billion and $8 billion). Then there was the axed Green Start program, Green Car Innovation Fund and Green Loans scheme.

Hang on, are we counting the BER scheme twice? And I would have thought that axing green programs would warm the cockles of Piers’ coal-fired heart?

I could easily fill twice this space without listing all the failed programs. The details of the cost of the carbon dioxide tax, the opportunities lost, the economic damage, could alone more than fill this paper.

And yet economically, Australia is one of the best performing developed nations in the world. How have we managed to survive the Global Financial Crisis, which was the impetus for many of the programs and policy changes that Piers complains about, if this government is so hell bent on destroying Australia?

Pink batts, school halls, boat people, great big new tax; we’ve heard it all before and it’s not becoming more convincing with repetition. With the carbon trading legislation passed and the mining tax scheduled to pass the House this week I suspect that there’ll be a lot of retrospectives of this type throughout 2012 as the trollumsphere runs out of new things to complain about.

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