Pure Poison IconTrumpeted the Herald Sun on Wednesday, “PM hits families but won’t stop MP rorts“, exposing the darn gold pass scheme they were certain was going to stay:

Julia Gillard hits families, but won’t stop Gold Pass travel scheme

…despite the pressure on the Budget, the Government made no change to the Gold Pass free travel scheme for retired politicians, although Special Minister of State Gary Gray said he wanted to scrap it because it was”an unjustifiable perk”.

Only turns out it isn’t, as they without the faintest hint of embarrassment admit today:

JOY-riding former MPs are to have their wings clipped by Prime Minister Julia Gillard under plans to slash the controversial Gold Pass scheme.

The retirement travel perk will be scrapped for all future federal politicians.


How to reconcile these two contradictory reports, given that they make no effort to?

Two possibilities: one, the PM changed her mind subsequent to the Herald Sun‘s sterling campaigning – in which case, funny that they’ve not claimed it. The other – the Herald Sun simply didn’t bother asking the government about its plans for the Gold Pass scheme and missed that they were going to drop it.

It must be the first, because if it was the second, and the Herald Sun had based its whole front page smear on the PM on something so wrong and so easy to check… well, that would be humiliating for them.

Which reminds me – I don’t think the word “exclusive” means what the Herald Sun thinks it means:

I think the word they’re looking for is “news”. As in “news that every single news outlet will cover, since it’s basically a public announcement”.

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