Pure Poison IconAndrew Bolt appears unhappy with some of the people who inhabit the academic sphere:

Journalism academics feed the anti-Murdoch hysteria

Let’s look at the kind of people training tomorrow’s journalists.

First, Margaret Simons, the director of the Centre for Advanced Journalism and coordinator of the new Master of Journalism at The University of Melbourne.

Simons sees a News Ltd conspiracy against Simon Overland, and complains to a sinister media inquiry appointed to intimidate the press:

Next, Wendy Bacon, director of the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism.

Bacon is upset that some News Ltd papers carry what she’s determined are too many articles sceptical of global warming, to the point where she believes they are campaigning against the Gillard Government’s utterly useless carbon dioxide tax.

Third, Matthew Ricketson, until recently head of the journalism program at RMIT and then inaugural Professor of Journalism at the University of Canberra, before joining the Gillard Government’s media witch-hunt inquiry.

Ricketson, now helping to run a politically-inspired inquiry into unspecified sins of the “hate media”, has an odd view of how News Ltd columnists work,

I think it’s clear what needs to be done. For the good of Australia’s future journalism students, and in turn the good of our democracy Andrew Bolt should immediately devote himself to their proper education. Of course, undoing the damage that has been done by the irresponsible lefties who inhabit the ivory towers at the moment is a big job even for someone as talented as Andrew Bolt, so he’d probably need to devote himself to the task full time. But I’m sure that Andrew wouldn’t hesitate to take the pay cut, lesser security and lower status of an academic career when it would deliver the opportunity to correctly shape young minds. We’d miss his prodigious output of course, but imagine the next generation of journalists all being cast in his mould could do for Australia.

Let’s help Andrew out by suggesting some courses that he’d be uniquely qualified to teach in the comments.

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