Pure Poison IconIn late December the Australian Press Council found that a series of articles in The Daily Telegraph about the National Broadband Network “contained inaccurate or misleading assertions” describing one of the statements published in the Tele as “clearly and seriously inaccurate”. The Daily Telegraph was therefore obliged to publish the finding in full, which they did….. On page 104…… On Boxing Day……

I’m sure that the fine folk at the Tele felt that somewhere in the middle of the World News section would be the place that their readers were most likely to find the APC ruling, rather than in the national news section where the NBN articles would have originally run. And you can’t argue with the Tele’s punctuality, the APC ruling was given on the 22nd and they rushed to have it published promptly, on the 26th, which we all know is a hard news day.

Also worth noting is that although there is a clarification on one of the three stories listed in the complaint, at this point there is no reference to the APC finding on the online versions of the stories, which would seem to be a fairly significant deficiency in the current arrangements, along with the fact that the APC finding isn’t given similar prominence to the original articles. With the arrangements as they stand at the moment there doesn’t seem to be a great incentive to strive for accuracy as the penalty for getting things wrong is so laughable.

H/T @coldsnacks

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