Pure Poison IconDear The Age,

If you’re going to publish a story combining the nerd-friendly topics of space travel and Lego, “Blockhead won’t Lego of his childhood dream”, please don’t get one of the most important dates in human history wrong:

Who’s the “blockhead” now?

The first human Moon landing (“delivery” of “humans to the Moon”) was, of course, in July 1969.

It is true that Apollo 8 did go around the Moon in December 1968, but it didn’t land, it didn’t “deliver” anyone or anything, and don’t try to get out of your cockup with such flimsy sophistry.

And a suggestion for any writers who think that this sort of general knowledge is irrelevant in the age of Wikipedia, that not knowing the date (or at least the year) of the first human Moon landing is completely unnecessary – for everyone from Moffat’s new Sherlock Holmes to CERTAIN PEOPLE WHO KNOW WHO THEY ARE – please remember this. It could save you from looking silly in a newspaper, and having a snarky little blog post written about your mistake. That’s right: DISASTER.

Yours etc etc

PS I can’t see where I’ve made a similar embarrassing stuff-up in this post, but according to something like Muphry’s Law there must be one.

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