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Jan 16, 2012

Lesbian vampire killer, lesbian vampire killer, lesbian vampire killer. Lesbian vampire killer.

No, this isn't about

Pure Poison IconNo, this isn’t about Willow Rosenberg, it’s about a News Ltd story on the subject of a woman (who happened to be a lesbian, although the story doesn’t explain what that has to do with anything) released on parole this week after 21 years in prison for brutally slaying – and apparently drinking the blood of – a Brisbane council worker in 1989.

Lovely, lovely click bait words

The story indicates (despite itself) that she’s long been remorseful (which makes sense if she’s being paroled) about her terrible crime:

“I was an animal,” Wigginton said during an interview in 1996.

But even for a completely changed woman with that history – 21 years in prison for a brutal murder – it will be almost impossible to find work (a point the Courier Mail enthusiastically repeats), and consequently society will release her to starve to death in the gutter deign to pay her some kind of meagre welfare so she can eat. Because she’s apparently got serious medical problems, for example with mobility, she might even qualify for disability support, as, you know, a person with a disability. I know – outrageous, right?

Still, Centrelink payments – less than $250 a week on NewStart, about $350 a week if she’s genuinely disabled and can jump through the Centrelink hoops to get them to agree to it – are vastly cheaper for the taxpayer than prison, which is about $100,000 a year per prisoner. So, if the Parole Board have assessed her properly – and there’s nothing in the story to indicate that they haven’t – then at the very least this is great news for taxpayers.

Surely, the headline would be something like:

“Vampire killer” paroled after 21 years; cost to taxpayer to drop dramatically

The headline (which you’ve already seen above):

Taxpayers foot bill for lesbian vampire killer Tracey Wigginton

Then they repeat the words “lesbian vampire killer” in the dot points and the intro text. (Some depraved pornography hunter is going to be very disappointed by Google search one day.)

FREED lesbian vampire killer Tracey Wigginton will cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars a year for the rest of her life, with no boss willing to take the risk of employing her.

TENS of thousands of dollars a year! WOW. Almost subsistence! If you take out $250 a week in rent, she’ll have between nothing and a hundred dollars to spend on food and utilities (which, for the sake of this story, we won’t claim are ridiculously high these days). I know! The high life!

Who else is thinking about going out and committing a serious crime so they can enjoy the luxurious treatment we mete out to criminals? Some of the Courier Mail readers certainly are…

But just to be clear – it’s probably not unreasonable to conclude from the headline etc that the Courier Mail is opposed to income support for unemployable ex-prisoners. So are they campaigning for the reintroduction of the death penalty? There is nothing in the article addressing the serious concerns with such a proposal, so apparently not. Are they campaigning to leave ex-prisoners starving in the street, or forced to turn to crime to survive? If not, what would they have them do?

Who knows.

Anyway, lesbian vampire killer.


31 thoughts on “Lesbian vampire killer, lesbian vampire killer, lesbian vampire killer. Lesbian vampire killer.

  1. FunkyJ

    How do you kill a lesbian vampire anyway?

    Sharpened wooden dildo… obviously.

  2. Matthew of Canberra

    ““Tracey Wigginton released from jail” everyone would just go “huh”?”

    I think that’s the point. If it needs to be gee’d-up to make it a story, then maybe it’s not something people really need to get worked up about.

    I suspect that the general public never hears very much about the most properly-dangerous psychopaths in our prisons. Just the ones that attract the attention of editors looking for the right kind of colour to shift units.

  3. Andrew McMillen

    Great piece. This is why I love Crikey.

  4. Matthew of Canberra

    I got a threadless t-shirt for xmas. A vegan zombie, saying “graiiiins”. Very cute.

  5. Brizben

    Considering this guy is unemployed would the headline “Bum with a gun” be appropriate?

  6. Cuppa

    Poor Bob,

    Bit of right-wing projection there?

  7. Holden Back

    It does make Brisbane seem racy, though. As if Roger Corman were making a film with girls in fur bikinis . . . with fangs . . .

  8. Brizben

    Yes the fact that she is a lesbian is irrelevant to the crime, but if the CM had a headline that read “Tracey Wigginton released from jail” everyone would just go “huh”? It was a pretty horrific crime in Brisbane at the time and she served 20 years for it. That’s a lot of time. I did not even know you could even get 20 years for murder.

  9. fractious

    @ wilful
    As far as I can determine from my research at the comments sections of various news limited outfalls outlets, if all vegans are lesbians then all lesbians are vegans, and therefore a steak through the heart will do it. Apparently.

  10. wilful

    How do you kill a lesbian vampire anyway?

  11. Brown Bob

    Cuppa @13 – Yes you are probably right. A better option is probably to keep her current look and just join the Greens !

  12. Aliar Jones


  13. Aliar Jones

    I suppose Bob should at least be thankful you can be jailed for being an idiot…he’d be a lifer

  14. Deziner

    BB, that might be the case if they were using quotes or capitalising the first letter of every word (like you have done), so we know that it’s a proper noun-phrase, but they aren’t doing that. Besides, the fact that she’s a lesbian is irrelevant (I don’t remember ever reading about the Heterosexual Rapist Killer in the papers) and there’s no real reason it should be brought up the way it is, regardless of what the media dubbed her 20 years ago.

  15. Gerry Hatrick, OAP

    Wonder how high we can kick this up against the movie? Hyperlinks now!

  16. Brizben

    In defence of the Courious Snail the moniker Lesbian Vampire Killer was coined over 20 years ago. There is also the Postcard Bandit (who did not nick postcards btw) and I am sure there are some media names for the Melbourne gangland violence too. Sure it is salacious but I think you would have to take the editor from 20 years ago to task over the headline.

  17. Matthew of Canberra

    Narc, you looking to get a roof over your head?

  18. narc

    So how again can I get the $100k per year per person version of welfare that is clearly so much better for society than that other subsistence version?

  19. Cuppa

    Poor Bob,

    Yeah, prison’s the sort of place from which one emerges after decades immaculately coiffed. And the Centrelink benefit would sure pay for a first-rate hair styling.

  20. Matthew of Canberra

    “will you ever your head around the concept that prisoners are released eventually into society?”

    But Chris, try to consider – for some people, it’s very hard to come up with people to look down upon. For some people, convicted criminals is all that’s left to feel superior to. Even if we didn’t support them (to the same extent we support our other citizens), there’d still be SOMETHING to whine about. They breath, for example. Or they’re just “there”. Some convicted criminals are able to redeem themselves – by voting for the liberal party, say. Those ones are alright. But the others … *sigh*

  21. Chris Tallis

    Poor bob, will you ever your head around the concept that prisoners are released eventually into society? Or do you think we should just put em all to death?
    Perhaps you could act as executioner bob? Then once the rightards enforce their fundamentalism we could enjoy locking you up because the bible said in pretty unmistakable language that thou shall not kill.

  22. liliwyt

    MOC @ 5 – I was also wondering how many lesbian vampires met their end at the hands of this woman.

  23. Matthew of Canberra

    “And your friendly local News Ltd scum published her address the other day.”

    Far out. Let’s publish the address of a News Ltd editor and see what happens.

    “they don’t condone vigilantism”

    That’s correct. Merely enabling it is entirely different.

    They felt they had a duty to tell their readers where she lives.

    Why? if they don’t condone vigilantism?

    “‘Police are also investigating a s#x game gone wrong?’ “

    Well – who WOULDN’T, given the opportunity? Did they say whether the s#x game had anything to do with the murder, or is somebody just getting their case load and video collections mixed up?

  24. Brown Bob

    It’s just bloody terrible what murderers have to put up with these days isn’t it? On the plus side, her first Centrelink cheque would be a good opportunity to get a makeover and do something about that friggin horrible hair……..

  25. Allison

    I am sorry, its the Courier Mail … what were you expecting? Surely not Quality Journalism???

  26. SBH

    Similar outrageous homophobic treatment of the story of a Geelong man, robbed, mudrered and dumped. ‘Police are also investigating a s#x game gone wrong?’ WTF?

  27. Matthew of Canberra

    How many lesbian vampires did she kill?

    “with no boss willing to take the risk of employing her”

    Not even the daily telegraph?

  28. Aliar Jones

    ohhhhhhh pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeassssseee clicky clicky clicky meeeeeeeee…

    you know you want to be angrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy!!!!

  29. AR

    Gotta be a one-off there for the bottom feeders that smeared the Underbelly ouvre across TV screens.

  30. SHV

    And your friendly local News Ltd scum published her address the other day.

    The editor, when taken to task, said they don’t condone vigilantism. They felt they had a duty to tell their readers where she lives. Luckily any extra police resources needed to ensure her safety from dribbling cross-eyed mouth-breathing knuckle-draggers won’t cost taxpayers anything or divert them from doing important work.

  31. Eponymous

    I am disappointed this article was my first search result.

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