Pure Poison IconShane Warne’s altercation with a cyclist this week has given Miranda Devine the chance to take another ride on one of her old hobby-horses:

Motorists are sick of the silent two-wheeled menaces on our road. We are sick of the way they weave through traffic, run red lights, come out of nowhere and ignore road rules to suit themselves.

We are sick of the empty bike lanes that make already clogged roads impassable and the fact the bicycle lobby’s power is disproportionate to their numbers. We are sick of their sense of entitlement and increasing aggression.

Who can resist a beat-up over cyclists?Showing that the divide between riders and cagers is universal, Warne’s incident in Melbourne plays just as well with Miranda’s Sydney audience. And Miranda revisits some of the same themes she’s discussed before about this subject:

This is classic angry cyclist behaviour, as if it’s up to the cycling fraternity to forcibly educate the motoring public and instil fear like jackbooted Soviets.

Ah yes, the angry cyclist. It’s a good thing that there are no angry car drivers on the road because as Miranda points out:

They have created the unreasonable expectation that bikes have as much right as cars to use the road.

But the only winner is physics.

And what that tells us is that when a two tonne block of steel comes up against flesh and blood and light weight aluminium tubing there is no contest.

It would be terrible if angry drivers ever used their two tonne blocks of steel two intimidate other road users, but I’m sure that in the absence of cyclists that would never occur.

I do love this explanation from Miranda though:

What cyclists believe is aggression from motorists is usually just unawareness.

So I guess that being inattentive while driving’s OK then? What happened to the need for personal responsibility? Isn’t using the road a privilege rather than a right? I can never keep up with what I was always assured was the unchanging conservative view of the world.

The other thing that had me scratching my head was this interlude:

Cycling is the new golf and as more Lycra warriors take to busy roads to channel Tony Abbott, tension with motorists is reaching boiling point.

So does this mean that it’s Tony Abbott’s fault? Will Miranda start calling out Tony Abbott for being a menace whenever he arrives at parliament house on his bike? Is Tony’s annual Pollie Pedal about to be declared an attack on country people who are inconvenienced by its presence in their localities? And if all of these cyclists are trying to channel Tony Abbott, doesn’t that mean that the threat to road users are primarily Liberal Party supporters? Miranda is sadly mute on these issues.

Regardless, a blow up between cyclists and drivers is always easy to run with, gets people’s blood boiling and brings in the page views. Well done Miranda, missions accomplished.

*The Author rides a motorcycle and has on more than one occasion said very unkind things about drivers whose driving suggested they may not have been paying much attention to other road users.

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