Pure Poison IconThe arrest and pending extradition to the US of MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom in Auckland over the weekend is a handy reminder to Australians as well as New Zealanders that when the US passes overly-punitive copyright or other pro-big-business laws as demanded by lobbyists of their bought-and-paid-for politicians (against whom we cannot vote at all, and Americans only barely), we might well find ourselves being subject to them anyway. Even if our incompetent big party politicians don’t enact them into local law, selling us all out to the bullying and corrupt US State Department negotiators like John Howard did, simple extradition treaties will largely do the job for them.

Something which I’d suggest should disturb anyone who thinks they have some democratic say over the laws under which they live.

Meanwhile, check out today’s entirely balanced expose on Mr Dotcom in The Age (“with Reuters” and courtesy of “US officials”).

Have three years of Pure Poison made me overly cynical about this sort of thing, or is there genuinely something off about the smears in that piece? It reads like a media release from US investigators tasked with digging up and then disseminating every piece of dirt they can find about the man – and compliant media happily and uncritically taking the juicy details and happily gloating over them. It sells newspapers AND makes the job of those heavy-handedly putting corporate profits (and insistence on an outdated business model) ahead of civil liberties even easier! Everybody wins!

Well, except for ordinary citizens. But who cares about them?

PS “Underwear speakers”? I know it’s a typo, but…

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