Pure Poison IconAs if the story of who said what about Tony Abbott’s comments and whereabouts to members of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy wasn’t already a first class clusterf*ck, we’re now treated to up to the minute pieces of speculation from our gallant press corps.

First we hear from Misha Schubert at the Age:

Labor figure Kim Sattler named as go-between in protest

Sources at the Aboriginal tent embassy say the mystery intermediary between Julia Gillard’s office and the protesting mob on Australia Day was Kim Sattler.

Ms Sattler is a well-connected Labor figure, who has worked with UnionsACT.

Followed by the Sun Herald’s Stephanie Peatling tweeting:

Kym Sattler is understood to have denied her involved to a reporter from the Canberra Times. #auspol

The issue is obviously one that has the attention of the Press Gallery, politicians and assorted hangers-on, so everyone’s working overtime to get the complete picture of what happened, but is it too much to ask for the press to ensure that they have a more complete understanding of the facts before rushing to file?

This whole event has quickly defended into farce, and reporting untested assertions does nothing to improve the situation. Yet another example of being first not necessarily being best.

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