Pure Poison IconA quick note of the amusing childishness of News Ltd in its ongoing war with the ABC, and the ever more shameless triviality of the “news” content it’s willing to share with readers for free.

A flippant “Special Investigation” post (the third-top story on news.com.au, though) comparing the Channel Nine and Seven morning shows “Today” and “Sunrise”, and its big gag? Hey, at least they’re not the ABC:

Although we can assure you that it doesn’t really matter which one you settle down with, because as long as it isn’t this…

[shot of ABC News Breakfast]

… you’re a winner right from the start.

Not watching any of these programs, I’m not sure why ABC News Breakfast works as the butt of that joke – but I was amused by the pettiness. Nice work News.

Question: does putting this content at the top of its online masthead actually encourage readers to put down cash for the paid version? Or does it advertise the media company’s most obvious faults and discourage potential customers?

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