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I think that’s supposed to be about (one of) the rich heiress’ kids. Although it’s amusingly ambiguous.

Particularly because the linked story doesn’t actually “expose” any “secret lives of luxury” – it just lists the countries they’re now living in. WHAT A SCOOP. Oh, and it links to the tendered security report. DO YOUR OWN “JOURNALISM”.

But that’s the “analysis” you’ll get on news.com.au. If you wanted something of substance, you’d have been better off with yesterday’s Crikey, which pointed out:

Joking aside, bear in mind the logic of Rinehart’s suppression order: that no one should know anything about her because if they do, they might discuss her online, and therefore the risk that “organised criminals”, “petty” criminals, “deranged persons”, “issue-motivated groups”, “foreign governments” and “terrorists” might harm her or her family is increased.

On that basis, no wealthy individual or company should be discussed anywhere, ever. And this woman fancies herself as a media mogul?

So don’t be too angry with News, Gina. At least they didn’t bother discussing any of the pertinent questions.

PS Keep in mind that any comments to this post could well wind up in a future Rinehart affidavit.

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