The arrival of the new Cut & Paste Trophy thread hints at something wonderful: that a new podcast has been recorded and it’s time to start collecting entries for the next one.

PS – for those new to Pure Poison:

What is the Cut & Paste Trophy?

It’s no longer really about News Ltd pretending that reader comments on the sites of other media organisations are “articles” which are equivalent, for whinging purposes, with actual articles written by actual staff.

It’s about asking whether moderators at major media sites should be filtering out more than just the merely defamatory. Are there other types of hateful, destructive comments that actually encourage more of the same? And, secondly, about wondering what the comments that a media site receives and chooses to publish tell us about just what kind of journalism they’re selling. What sort of ignorance do they appear to have fostered? Should they be concerned about their audience’s misunderstandings and what it says about how well they fulfill their role as disseminators of knowledge?

Apparently those messages have not yet been received. Let’s see if we can help these media companies out by pointing them to the most disturbing entries in the comments below.

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