Pure Poison IconThe Herald Sun ran yesterday with a story that the Municipal Association of Victoria was threatening that “a state government plan to replace the insurance-based fire levy with a property-based tax collected by councils could lead to rate rises of 19-30 per cent“. Also, that according to some councils that would rather simply charge ratepayers more than reduce their energy use, “ratepayers could be slugged up to 3 per cent extra because of the carbon tax”, although nothing in the story actually backs that up – the closest being the figure of 3.5% that Frankston council claims the carbon price AND a state landfill levy will add to its costs.

OK. State government policy potentially raising rates 30%. Carbon price potentially increasing rates in some councils by an amount perhaps possibly about 3% maybe although we can’t find anything to back that claim up specifically.

So the headline?

Yup. Seriously. Where the “Councils warn households face 30 per cent hike” BECAUSE OF A STATE LIBERAL GOVERNMENT POLICY, the Herald Sun runs with a huge headline “Carbon tax to hit rates”.

Utterly shameless.

Meanwhile the paper ran an editorial – also ignoring the compensation package that will result in a majority of their readers being better off even if they don’t reduce their energy consumption – claiming “CARBON tax fear is about to become reality”. Well, the hacks are trying their hardest.

If I were a Herald Sun reader, I’d be pretty insulted by just how much contempt the Southbank propagandists clearly have for me.

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