Pure Poison IconI wonder if Miranda Devine is aware of the fact that not everyone in Sydney thinks the way that she does?

Angry Sydney says it’s time for rolling Clover

LORD Mayor Clover Moore has worn out her welcome with Sydneysiders – even the 34,000 people who voted for her at the last election must be having second thoughts.

After eight long years, it’s time. Premier Barry O’Farrell is at last going to force Moore to choose by September between her two jobs – mayor or independent state MP.

As far as Sydney is concerned, it’s no choice at all. Moore should immediately vacate Town Hall.

So rather than have the voters of the City of Sydney decide whether they want Clover Moore to continue as their Lord Mayor via the democratic process, Miranda is endorsing changing the rules so that Moore must either relinquish her role as Lord Mayor or as an MP? If Moore is as much of a disaster as Miranda contends then why won’t the voters simply throw her out? Why does the Premier need to orchestrate a change in parliamentary rules?Miranda’s main complaint seems to be that people who don’t live in the City of Sydney don’t get a say in who is Lord Mayor:

But Sydney belongs to everyone in greater Sydney, from Campbelltown and Canada Bay to Pittwater and Manly.

So the whole of metropolitan Sydney should be involved in selecting our lord mayor.

Why stop there? Why not allow the voters of Blacktown and Cabramatta to have a say about Manly, Bondi and Cronulla where they go to the beach? Why not let people in other parts of NSW who visit Sydney have a vote? Why restrict it to NSW?

The reality is that people outside of the City of Sydney get to have their say on things that happen in our capital via the state government. The NSW government ultimately sets the frameworks that local governments, like the City of Sydney, have to work within. But it seems the this isn’t enough for Miranda, it appears that the new standard is to change the rules to remove people that she disagrees with from the political process. I’m sure there’s a description for that type of behaviour, but I can’t put my finger on it.

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