Mar 16, 2012

Pure Poison Podcast #51 – #StopFinkelstein2012

The iPad, Finkelstien Media Enquiry, treason and more carbon price shenanigans. And apparently the Herald Sun has a paywall now.

The iPad, Finkelstien Media Enquiry, treason and more carbon price shenanigans. And apparently the Herald Sun has a paywall now.


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Sound editing by Jacob Holman

Intro from “Theme for “The Mad Thinker”
Outro from “O Cérebro do Morto”
Both tracks by Dr Frankenstein and appear on the album The Cursed Tapes

Cut and Paste Trophy theme “cutnpaste” by Marco Raaphorst

LOLBolt Comedy Theme “Old Dutch” by Victor Herbert Orchestra


3 thoughts on “Pure Poison Podcast #51 – #StopFinkelstein2012

  1. jules

    Why the apple hype? Cos gadgets made by suicidal workers in hellish conditions are fricking awesome.

  2. Angra

    MoC – Apple used to provide ‘free’ Macs to schools and Unis. Good marketing.

    Maybe this is now paying dividends.

    My prediction – in 10 years no one will really remember i-thingies, and Apple will once again be the Beatles’ record company.

  3. Matthew of Canberra

    Regarding the apple phenomenon, I think there are a couple of things

    (1) Apple has always been very successful in the publishing/media business. Once upon a time, macs were ubiquitous in the smaller publishing/design industry. I’m not sure if it’s because they necessary TARGETED that market, I’m not sure they necessarily did, but they were very successful at “reaching” those people. Now, it just so happens that those same people happen to be the people who write a lot of the coverage that you’re talking about. I’m not sure how tech-savvie the average journalist is, but I suspect that most of the ones who care probably use macs themselves, so they know the brand and what it does affects them personally.

    (2) For about the last decade, apple has had a way of releasing things that disrupt the whole industry. The ipod changed the music industry (seriously, it really did). The iphone has effectively changed the mobile device industry, just by doing things better than the competition (except for making phone calls, obviously). Until the ipad came along, everyone had taken a shot at the tablet PC thing and not really succeeded at it, largely because they kept trying to shrink (and cripple) a PC rather than starting from scratch and forcing software developers to reconsider how they do things over again. Apple did that, and it worked. And they changed the tablet PC business, which is now radically shaking up the publishing business.

    So now people just EXPECT them to do something that nobody’s managed to make a go of. And they EXPECT them to do something that will affect something other than the IT industry by doing it.

    And I’m no apple fanboi, believe me. I once had a bit of a beef with apple over the way they treated their customers (“like gullible dirt”, basically – they’ve upped their game, but I still regard them as basically criminal) and I only have PCs in my house, because they’re just more useful to me.

    Nothing succeeds like success.

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