Pure Poison IconWhen a prominent, influential donor and supporter of one of our major political parties announces that the intelligence agency of a foreign power is orchestrating a campaign against Australian interests you think that’d be pretty big news. Apparently not if that person is Clive Palmer.

Today’s Australian:

How about Queensland’s own Courier Mail?542576640

Nope nothing there either?

Strangely, there’s not a lot about the story on the front page of their web sites this morning either, with a single link on the Curious Snail in the “Other popular stories” section and nothing on the Oz.

In fact, to uncover the allegations about lefty communist greenies being funded by the CIA you need to go and look at the, um, leftist ABC.

I wonder who is orchestrating this campaign to silence Clive? Perhaps he’s on to something after all?

H/T @AshGhebranious. Front Page images via @JamesMassola

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