Mar 23, 2012

Pure Poison Podcast #52 – CIA Approved

Clive, Andrew, facts in the Herald Sun, Finkelscares and the Totalitarian Heart Chakra.

Clive, Andrew, facts in the Herald Sun, Finkelscares and the Totalitarian Heart Chakra.


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Sound editing by Jacob Holman

Intro from “Theme for “The Mad Thinker”
Outro from “O Cérebro do Morto”
Both tracks by Dr Frankenstein and appear on the album The Cursed Tapes

Cut and Paste Trophy theme “cutnpaste” by Marco Raaphorst

LOLBolt Comedy Theme “Old Dutch” by Victor Herbert Orchestra


4 thoughts on “Pure Poison Podcast #52 – CIA Approved

  1. Strife

    You ask in the podcast why the right always refers to “Daddy”. As in Bolts “Daddys gotta work harder”. The answer is simple. All the right knows that inherited Daddy money is the best kind.

  2. Nick the Hippy

    Feep is secret code for keep. Shhh…

  3. Nick the Hippy

    Congratulations on exposing the right for what they are. I have seen proof that conservatives are working hand in hand with the devil. (When I say evidence it was an episode of Southpark.) Feep up the good work.

  4. Liz A

    Great podcast this week guys, thanks! you brightened my BNE -> MEL flight no end. (Virgin, no inflight entertainment; I am sure that the people sitting around me were wondering why I was laughing so hard).

    from your special roving C&P correspondent, who is questioning her sanity after having spent a week in QLD enduring Katter Australia Party ads on evening TV. (Yes, I saw the televised version of the breakdancing Bob ad, and IT CAN’T BE UNSEEN: SEARED RETINA’S)

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