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Crikey’s production Ninja Leigh Josey shared this item from the hard copy of today’s Australian.

As Leigh said on twitter, that changes the story a little.

A free connection is rather different than one that costs $200,000. Sadly the link to the original article from google goes to a 404 page on The Oz’s website, so I can’t give you a lot more detail about the original story. But I can share what Gizmodo Australia had to say about the article the day after it was published..

What did surprise me was that on reading through it, the key information was buried right under a lot of indignation about a school having to pay for an NBN interconnect. It sounds reasonable on the surface, but further down in the story was the following paragraph (emphasis added for effect):

“. . . an [NBN] spokeswoman conceded that Tatachilla Lutheran College would only be able to gain access the NBN at no cost if it sat within the fibre footprint.
Mr Minke said an NBN Co official had yesterday told him options were being considered to connect the school, including co-funding or a free connection.“

This was buried, mind you, ten paragraphs down, underneath all the bluster about how terrible it was. Nevermind that it essentially negates the headline, which may as well read “School to get either free or co-funded connection”, because that’s not quite sensational enough.

The correction was on the left hand side of page two today, I suspect that it won’t have the same impact as the original headline. So much for “Don’t write crap”.

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