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Apr 4, 2012

Compare and contrast

Then. It is through the media tha

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It is through the media that most Australians are kept informed about most of the things that affect them.

And the rights of the media are a reasonable reflection of the rights that individuals can expect to enjoy.

I don’t think there is much dispute now that secrecy and censorship of what we are allowed to know has reached troubling levels.

John Hartigan, former News Limited CEO, March 2009 (pdf)


Thousands of emails detailing a campaign to allegedly promote pay TV piracy by a News Corp subsidiary have been taken down from a document hosting site in the US following correspondence with lawyers for the media giant.

The not-for-profit organisation DocumentCloud removed the emails after News Corp and its subsidiary NDS said the emails contained “confidential and trade secret information”. Many of the emails are still available on the website.

The emails appear to contradict denials from NDS chief Abe Peled and News Corp chief operating officer Chase Carey that News Corp sought to use pay TV piracy to undermine its rivals.

On Saturday, NDS – which has confirmed the authenticity of the emails through legal correspondence with The Australian Financial Review  and DocumentCloud – asked that they be removed. – Australian Financial Review, April 2012

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8 thoughts on “Compare and contrast

  1. Howard,B.

    None so blind as those…

    …who cannot see that NDS is not controlled by News Limited, so why would a statement by a CEO of News Limited be relevant to the actions of NDS, even if the News Limited CEO in question had not ceased to be CEO before the said actions of NDS?

    Is that what you meant to say, Jonesinator?

  2. Aliar Jones

    [another unrelated subsidiary?]

    None so blind as those…

  3. Howard,B.

    Just what are we supposed to ‘compare and contrast’ here? The statements of a former CEO of one subsidiary with the current actions of another unrelated subsidiary?

  4. SHV

    “Phone hacking scum” – a piece of graffitti seen pasted over a News Ltd promotional banner at a Newsagent on the Gold Coast. Still there after almost a year!

  5. thesilverbodgie

    The hypocrisy of News Ltd and their journalists is again something to behold,they rolled out McCrann yesterday in the Hun who tried to tell us that innuendo and hearsay is not evidence of a crime,on that point i agree ,but i wish they would use that policy on all their reporting/opinions,especially on politics,but we know who pays the wages……

  6. shepherdmarilyn

    They can do what they like, hiding the truth only makes people more determined to get the truth.

  7. fractious

    Had these been the actions of someone other than the world’s largest media multinational, you could almost make a case that this is hypocrisy of the most blatant type.

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