Predictions from the obvious quarters of the imminent demise of the Greens (again) in 3… 2… 1…

UPDATE: Senator Brown’s twitter account linked to Pure Poison yesterday. Today he’s no longer leader of the Greens. Coincidence? Or the first example of a devastating political effect?

UPDATE #2: There’s a shock. The Herald Sun headline?

Maybe they think if they keep saying it they can make it so. But they’ve been predicting the Greens’ imminent collapse for a very long time, and so far all that seems to happen is that the Greens keep increasing their numbers.

UPDATE #3: Does anyone remember The Australian or Dennis Shanahan ever calling Brown “a green colossus” or “The face of reason” before? Perhaps they’ve realised that you can hardly portray someone’s departure as a devastating loss for the Greens if you continue to maintain that he was completely awful. Time to praise him in order to damn his successor, obviously.

UPDATE #4: Have any News Ltd predictions about the Greens ever come true?

UPDATE #5: And if anyone doubted what a partisan, one-eyed hack is Terry McCrann (have any of his predictions about anything ever come true?), here’s his send-off:

Good riddance to de facto PM Bob Brown

BOB Brown has been an unremittingly destructive force in the political life of this nation. His career in public policy has left not a single redeeming consequence.

If I were Bob, that ringing anti-endorsement by McCrann would be going straight to the pool room.

UPDATE #6: The Daily Telegraph runs with the unpredictably subtle

You know, “news”. (I’d love to see the lines they rejected.)

(Via @bspargo7)

UPDATE #7: The Daily Tele publishes wild speculations about “RISING TENSIONS” IN THE GREENS and PLOTTING and basically THINGS THEY WISH WERE TRUE. Yes, I’m sure that Greens MPs have DT journos on speed-dial. (Benson didn’t even have the chutzpah to make up some “sources close to the party”.)

And I love the “Will the Greens Turn Red” headline, too – haven’t they been telling their readers for years that the Greens are shameless lefties? What’s suddenly changing?

Sadly for the Daily Telegraph, their speculations about why Greens voters keep voting for the Greens, and why they’re about to stop, keep utterly failing to come true. It’s because they don’t realise the Greens are lefties! It’s because these voters want them to be so pure they won’t work with the Government and as soon as they do they’ll abandon them! It’s because they’re mesmerised by Bob Brown and now he’s gone it’s all over! Afraid you’re in for another disappointment, guys…

It must be so infuriating for them that no matter how much they smear the Greens, it doesn’t seem to depress their vote. It’s almost as if Greens voters simply don’t believe a word the Daily Telegraph writes about the party.

I wonder why.

UPDATE #8: More News Ltd hacks.

Miranda Devine in the Daily Telegraph: A desperate attempt to smear the Greens to the country people to whom Milne has indicated she will work to appeal – “Greenies are as much the enemy of country people as locusts or droughts.” Miranda then tries to blame them for the coal seam gas problem that they alone of the main parties oppose.

David Penberthy in The Punch: tries to blame the Greens for the consequences of Labor’s dumb “no carbon tax” line, as if once Gillard had made that idiotic statement, the Greens should’ve just abandoned all action on climate change they’d promised their voters they would pursue. Damn you Greens, for keeping your promises!

For transparently obvious reasons, David’s suddenly got lots of nice things to say about Bob, now that he’s gone, talking of “Brown’s genial leadership style and his undeniable bona fides as an environmental crusader”. There’s a lovely little smear in there asserting that Rhiannon is some kind of violent vandal: “ultra-radicals such as NSW Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon, people who would rather be smashing up McDonalds than tying themselves to a gum tree”.

There’s a lot of rubbish in there (the claims that the 2010 election produced a “non-result”, rather than a functioning parliament full of actual MPs passing legislation. And he claims as a “fact” the lie that the Labor/Liberal ETS was somehow stronger than the carbon pricing package we’ve ended up with instead.

But the standout from Penberthy is that it’s the Greens who’ve been somehow “dishonest” in pushing for what they told their voters they’d advocate, and it’s Labor that’s been the victim of this “dishonesty”. That’s spin with a triple-pike double-somersault aerial, um, piledriver.

UPDATE #9: The Herald Sun childishly runs with Bob Brown as the devil:

And Andrew Bolt goes even more off the reservation:

…the send-off any tyrant would have ordered… a political extremist whose mask had fatally slipped this past year… this past year has been a disaster for Brown, who suddenly seems not avuncular but angry, not reassuring but dangerous.

Also, apparently the Greens get an easy run in the national media because “scrutiny” means declaring that you want them destroyed and twisting everything you publish about them with that goal in mind and, apart from the brave souls at News Ltd, most journalists are too professional corrupt to do that.

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