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Apr 13, 2012

Elsewhere - Nativity naivete: Andrew Bolt tries his hand at biblical criticism

Nativity Naivete: Andrew Bolt Tries His Hand At Biblical Criticism Andrew Bolt's recent


Nativity Naivete: Andrew Bolt Tries His Hand At Biblical Criticism

Andrew Bolt’s recent “expose” of the Gospel nativity stories and the Genesis creation story reminds me of the overreaching first-year Arts student – every year has one – who has stumbled across questions he himself has never considered, but who then has the temerity and naivete to pose them in class as fresh problems not yet confronted, let alone resolved.

Via Matthew of Canberra in the Open thread


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8 thoughts on “Elsewhere – Nativity naivete: Andrew Bolt tries his hand at biblical criticism

  1. Matthew of Canberra

    “Dickson’s post actually makes me want to defend Andrew Bolt. ”

    Drat! Double Drat! Darn you, Dickson!!!!1!

    (quite a lot of D’s in that, eh?)

  2. Tim Dymond

    Dickson’s post actually makes me want to defend Andrew Bolt. Bolt is writing for a broad audience that will certainly be unfamilar with biblical scholarship, so obviously he writes with a ‘did you know this?’ style. Dickson gets snotty because Bolt doesn’t assume that everybody is already a biblical scholar. Dickson’s ‘how could you not know this’ arrogance is more objectionable than Bolt’s fairly straightforward summary of a book’s argument. That he dismisses a well-known scholar Robin Lane Fox as ‘populist’ tells you all you need to know about Dickson’s attitude to the general public having an opinion on his pet topic.

  3. John Reidy

    An interesting article, I read it up to this point
    [just an unwillingness on the part of Bolt to read the Gospels with the same subtlety and respect he affords to documents in his journalistic sphere.]

  4. Holden Back

    If one needed further confirmation of the man’s arrogance; pretending to be a giant amongst his flock, while being a flea standing on giants’ shoulders.

  5. Angra

    Its only taken Mr Biblical Scholar a few hundred years to catch up on higher criticism. Read some Bultmann, or even go back to Nietzsche.

    His childish glee at “discovering” what has been bouncing around for over 200 years or so is embarassing for News Ltd.

    As has been pointed out before, his lack of a tertiary education explains a lot about obsessions, ignorance and closed mind.

    calyptorhynchus – I like the old chestnut of “Did Adam have a navel?”

    (No it was Valencia)

  6. calyptorhynchus

    The naive biblical criticism I like is the question of how the gospel accounts of Jesus’ interview with Pilate were informed.

    Either a helpful secretary handed over the shorthand notes, or after the resurrection Jesus said to his disciplines “Well, it’s like… and I’m like…. and Pilate’s like…. and I’m like… and Pilate goes…. &c).

    Neither seem very likely.

  7. Ben Pobjie

    To be honest, Bolt’s criticisms are naive and lame; but then, Dickson’s defences are dishonest. Dispute over the existence of a historical Jesus is a lot more widespread than he’d have us believe.

  8. mr. peabody

    How is it that Andy will defend Christianity even against science but won’t commit to Christianity himself?


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