Apr 13, 2012

Pure Poison Podcast #54 – Not that anyone we’ve discussed would do that

The Easter non-ratings period is over and the Pure Poison Podcast is back, and it's got stuff in it. Generational change for the Greens, set top box hacking for News Corp, Amazon bombin

The Easter non-ratings period is over and the Pure Poison Podcast is back, and it’s got stuff in it. Generational change for the Greens, set top box hacking for News Corp, Amazon bombing for readers of a certain columnist, will the drugs win the drug war – and much more.


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Sound editing by Jacob Holman

Intro from “Theme for “The Mad Thinker”
Outro from “O Cérebro do Morto”
Both tracks by Dr Frankenstein and appear on the album The Cursed Tapes

Cut and Paste Trophy theme “cutnpaste” by Marco Raaphorst

LOLBolt Comedy Theme “Old Dutch” by Victor Herbert Orchestra

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8 thoughts on “Pure Poison Podcast #54 – Not that anyone we’ve discussed would do that

  1. peter de mambla

    [But the censorship is really starting to piss me off. Especially, given his so called defend of free speech.]

    [ free speech] I tried posting Over There once a link to a Youtube clip about the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. Never saw the light of day.[ /free speech>

  2. mr. peabody


    Well said, you’ve read my mind.

    I’m curious to know what your experience of censorship on the Bolt blog. I’ve being posting their regularly for 5 years. In that time I have noticed some very interesting things about the moderating.The moderating has always been suspect. When I first started posting there I was petty convinced that the moderators where also posting and rigging the debates. That situation seemed to resolve itself.

    But now, since Bolts court case the censorship has gotten out of control. I get a lot of stuff posted. But it’s the stuff that doesn’t get posted that concerns me. Which I find interesting given his outrage over what he sees as a Left wing conspiracy to kill off free speech. Any argument the completely destroys his or doesn’t fit his evil Left agenda just don’t get posted.

    Quoting Anders Behring Breivik is not allowed. I can post quote from this guy 4 times a day, everyday for 5 days and they will not be posted. I have experienced this with a whole range of topics from AGW to countering political attacks. For example, whenever Bolt highlights some Leftie saying something unpleasant about a Right wing politician, I respond with a clip from Fox News. The clip show Hannidy with Ted Nuggent laughing off an onstage stunt from Nuggent. Here it is:


    I have posted this about 10 times in the last few years. No once has it been posted. I can posted the same comment on a particular debate half a dozen times in a day and not get it posted. While more piffy comments on the same topic do get posted.

    I’m getting to the point now where I’m about to give up on posting there. I can deal with the massive amount of abuse I get there, in fact I find should attacks amusing. But the censorship is really starting to piss me off. Especially, given his so called defend of free speech.


    Mr. Peabody aka…..

  3. shepherdmarilyn

    Do you think the right whingers in this country would know a left wing radical if they actually met one.

  4. Indiana Jones

    Highly intellectual comments above and I can’t hope to match them. So I will just say that I want you guys to do a theological podcast on whatever theological topic. ZOMG I CAN HAZ 4 TEH LULZ!?!11!!?1 (Said Annoying Facebook Girl, ‘U Mad Bro?’ troll and Lolcat)

  5. peter de mambla

    [No matter how badly Bolt is caught out, and since following this blog it is pretty regular, he WILL NOT CHANGE.]

    The real battle is against his platform-providers, the body corporate aiding and abetting him to advance this current strategy of tension as a part of a broader strategy to achieve grand overseas objectives.

    This neocon faction of international Anglo-American politics, behind the current clash-of-civilizations strategy of tension, is not all-powerful, as one of their main propaganda assets is currently experiencing a serious hiding, the other major faction(s) that make up the powers that be perhaps likely to put these particular media-mogul assets in jail. It happened to another neocon media mogul Lord Conrad Black, so why not the Murdochs? (Perhaps this explains James Murdoch’s escaping to the United States — only to be closely followed by British lawyer Mark Lewis to take things up over there.) The neocons are powerful. But they’re not all-powerful.

  6. Fran Barlow

    Welcome to the delusional Daily Tele universe. Simon Benson is your tour guide:

    [Brown was trying to head off rising tensions inside a party which is now clearly defined down ideological lines between the moderates like Brown and the so-called hardline “communists” like Christine Milne and Lee Rhiannon. Will Greens turn Red now that Bob Brown is down?

    Heaves huge sigh ….

  7. Matthew of Canberra

    “I am a few drinks into my Friday night, so please forgive any self indulgence”

    Tell me about it. I’ve only just discovered that a post I wrote during an unusually bendy bender (and that bit about the email is true – a director came and saw me personally a couple of days later and asked if everything was ok, and if I was dealing with the stress alright) has drawn me to the attention of (is that a expression?) tim blair’s winged monkeys. I just wrote a post there and, as is my way, I used my actual email address. I’m regretting that already. It’s basically my name, and it makes me fairly easy to find. I’m wondering if I’m going to have to move. I hope not. I’m not concerned about tim (or andrew, for that matter), but I really do worry about some of their followers. Anyhow, back to the point …

    “So why frustrate myself with the idiocy?”

    Well, in my case it’s how I deal with an apparent slight tendency toward OCD. I think it can be safely said that I’m a bit hooked on bolta. Not in a bad way – I honestly don’t bear any personal dislike or malice, I really don’t. And I am (I believe provably) the least scary person on the planet (I rescue kittens). So I hope AB doesn’t think I’m some sort of weird stalker. I’m not. I actually see him (or at least what he does) as a kind of philosophical problem. To me, he’s like a dripping tap.

    The internet has, more than ever before, made it possible for people to seek out sources of information that confirm their own world view. Andrew has apparently been very successful in appealing to a certain group. Let’s call them “the comfortable conservative angry”. They can drop in there and get nothing but news and opinions that confirm their upside-down sense of outrage. He filters a lot of things and lets through just the stuff that keeps their disgruntled little pot of angry bubbling. In order to achieve this, it’s obviously necessary to leave quite a few pieces of information out, and maybe every so often do a teensy bit of misrepresentation. I’m quite happy to drop in here from time to time simply to point out what he’s failed to tell his readers, to point out the gaps in his argument and so on. At least that means that there will be SOME place on teh webs that contains this record of the bullshittery. Somebody might stumble on it by accident, decades from now. Who knows?

    I am still chuckling about that amazon business. Things had gone quite well for the powers of darkness while the spamming was directed at the small and unprepared. But that amazon discussion is now up there for good. And I imagine that the discussion must have caught the attention of the amazon site moderators, because posts from us contrarians were being taken down, so I have to expect that my fairly early 5-star review received a fair few “report abuse” requests … yet it’s still up – kudos to whoever made that decision.

    I’m curious to see what happens next. After making such a big deal about free speech and the desperation of poor readers to just speak their mind that they have to look overseas, I wonder if there will be any attempt to take down what has to be the most forthright rebuttal of his argument to be found online anywhere. I also wonder if there will be any attempt to contact individual posters to discuss possible legal ramifications stemming from their comments. I generally try to be careful not to cross any personal lines and I genuinely do try not to defame people (that’s not the purpose of debate), but I’m never really sure that an honest exposition of the facts as I see them is entirely “safe” (rest assured that if I ever did get such a letter, I would be forwarding it to as many high-profile publications as I can think of – if I’m ever threatened, it will not be in secret). But some of the comments on that amazon thread just blasted straight across the line and hit the accelerator. I think that if bolta WANTED to take action against some of those comments, he probably could. I just hope that, if he does, amazon tells us about it.

  8. Trippi Taka

    I am a few drinks into my Friday night, so please forgive any self indulgence.

    I’e probably had this feeling since a couple of podcasts ago when Jeremy and Dave joked about Andrew Bolt not focusing on something he despises so much as its not healthy (immediately acknowledging their own self referential joke about doing the same).

    And with all the talk of meaning over the last week, I guess I have been questioning my own “faith”. I stumbled upon this blog about 18 months ago when my frustration with Bolt’s hypocrisy reached (what I thought at the time) a crescendo. It was refreshing to see some exterior intelligent and abject analysis pointing out what he was writing was just wrong. It felt validating.

    I was a committed spectator for a long time and over the last couple of months have begun to engage because I thought I could be a part of something that made a difference . But the more I’ve followed Pure Poison, as a consequence the more I’ve followed Bolt’s writings. Everybody who’s read this blog for a while will have seen Bolt’s opinions and writings discredited numerous times EVERY week. Even though there’s strong evidence he reads this blog, it seems to make no difference to the quality of his writing. It is my opinion that Bolt has absolutely no interest in accuracy or informing his readers.

    As Sammy Jenkis cleverly pointed out in the open thread for this week:

    His commentary on the Dawkins v Pell cage match is perfect example of this. He currently has Pell on a score of four and a half without granting Dawkins a single point. This, despite the fact that many Christians have bemoaned Pell’s waffling, incoherent performance while Dawkins made several telling blows and asked several poignant questions of Pell which drew responses of nothing more than mushy rhetoric about the evidence being ‘beyond reason’ etc.

    AB simply must paint the encounter as a victory for Pell, because the opposite would mean the loss if a small battle in the larger war of left versus right.

    So to cut to the chase, I ask the question “why bother”? Being a father of two young children under 4, I can kind of understand Dave’s motivations with the distraction, but Jeremy is a newly wed and the rest of the regular contributors seem like intelligent purposeful people. No matter how badly Bolt is caught out, and since following this blog it is pretty regular, he WILL NOT CHANGE. Like the fabled scorpion and frog – it is purely his nature. So why waste our time reading his writing (raising our blood pressure) pointing out he is either a hypocrite or factually wrong? Intellectually its like shooting fish in a barrel.

    The finest example of this is his persistent claim he’s been “silenced”. A mature writer, wanting to inform their readers, would acknowledge their mistake, educate their readers what can and can’t be said and continue a mature debate on the issue like other News Ltd reporters. Bolt’s reaction to his error/s is aligned with my 3 year old when disciplined and takes on his petulant attitude. We can point this out ad nauseum, but what is the point? Hopefully someone can reinvigorate my enthusiasm otherwise I think it might just e healthier to walk away. As I can be as sure Bolt will be a hypocrite and wrong next week as I’m sure the sun will rise. So why frustrate myself with the idiocy?

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