Andrew Bolt

Apr 14, 2012

You’ve got to love his caveats

In the ...BUT I'M NOT SAYING WHAT MY POST CLEARLY SUGGESTS file - which for him is growing at an impressive rate - another effort from Mr Bolt promoting his show on the

In the …BUT I’M NOT SAYING WHAT MY POST CLEARLY SUGGESTS file – which for him is growing at an impressive rate – another effort from Mr Bolt promoting his show on the now-struggling Channel Ten:

I’m not sure the “it’s a joke” defence is as airtight as Andrew seems to think it is.

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12 thoughts on “You’ve got to love his caveats

  1. Phil Vee

    more nutty stuff. Andrew is offended that the Right is being connected to Anders Breivik.

    reporters are so keen to fit up Breivik as a Rightist that they portray the common closed-fist salute of black power groups and the broader Left for a far-Right one,

    he then puts up photos of the vertical Black Power salute, a vertical closed fist adjacent to the ear Jane Fonda salute, a Nelson Mandela vertical, a struggling Hugo Chavez salute and then shows the almost horizontal Breivik salute to prove they are all the same. See? Breivik is a Leftie!
    Unlike Hitler who had an open palm 45 degree angle arm salute. Now that’s a Right wing salute according to Bolt. Completely different from Breiviks 45degree closed fist salute, which proves Breivik cannot possibly be right wing.

    For the record according to Wikipedia

    The raised fist logo may represent unity or solidarity, generally with oppressed peoples. The white fist, also known as the Aryan fist or the White Power fist is a logo generally associated with white nationalism. White nationalism is a political ideology which advocates a racial definition of national identity for white people. White separatism and white supremacism are subgroups within white nationalism.

    Which seems to cover Breivik pretty well.

  2. Rich Uncle Skeleton

    Oh, it’s an official joke?

  3. Mack the Knife

    It looks like Andrew’s star is on the wane.

    Past time he moved on from rehashing the court case to try and save some face

  4. returnedman

    “The above is a joke”.

    Is that Andrew’s photo I see above that line?

  5. monkeywrench

    Few tunes are as monotonous and wearing as The Song of the Habitual Martyr. He’s a complete bore now.

  6. zoot

    I’m confused – is Blot confessing his tv show is a joke??

  7. mr. peabody


    Well, you can’t get more honest than the judgement itself.

    Now if only Andy would release his legal advice that says he can’t rely or contribute to the debate. Then we can have a real debate.

  8. Matthew of Canberra

    MP @4

    In fairness, in discussing this case I think he does deserve at the very leas some rigor and honesty in describing what took place and what was actually in the judgement. It’s not fair or appropriate to editorialise to pursue a political, ideological or even personal agenda in the case of somebody who isn’t afforded an similar right of reply. One could very easily misrepresent what took place, leading to the risk of some reputational harm.

    And if the irony in that doesn’t make your hair catch fire … read it again.

  9. mr. peabody

    Apparently, some cowardly jouno has called Andy a racist in the full knowledge that Andy is legally not allowed to defend himself.

    Andy’s martyrdom syndrome shows no signs of retirement.

  10. special.task

    Given that irony is lost on him most time he does not strike me as someone with a strong grasp humour. Now that he has advised that is an ‘official’ joke I will be sure to remember to laugh.

  11. Deziner

    I’m guessing the all-caps section IS the post. The bit above was just the segue. Just another poor-me whine about his free speech apparently being trampled on.

  12. Matthew of Canberra

    Just hypothetically, is there anything in that which actually requires a disclaimer? I can’t see it, myself.

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