Pure Poison IconForget that Peter Slipper was elected on a Coalition ticket and that no other MPs in parliament have the power to kick him out until the next election. As you read about the allegations from the completely nonpartisan and generally entirely trustworthy and honest Daily Telegraph about his alleged interaction with a staffer, forget that “there are also allegations that John Howard and his staff did not pursue earlier complaints against Slipper“. (Bury that bit in anything you write about this.)

Because he’s Labor‘s problem. Not the people who made sure he had one of the 150 votes in the House of Representatives. LABOR LABOR LABOR LABOR LABOR. They’re to blame for this person the Coalition put into parliament. LABOR.

Isn’t it about time that Julia Gillard kicked him out of parliament in a way she doesn’t have the power to do short of dismantling the parliament we voted for less than two years ago that the Liberals don’t like? Isn’t it time that we very quickly had an election before the Liberals’ (and News Ltd’s) utter lies and ridiculous scaremongering about the carbon price legislation are exposed as the dishonest fiction they are? We’re running out of time! It’s only two months before voters will discover that Tony’s predictions of complete catastrophe were as reliable as anything else he doesn’t write down – and then it will be too late. Election now! Election now! Election now! Election now! Quickly! Election now! Aaargh!

UPDATE: In fact, if ANY MP from ANY PARTY is accused of a crime, if I understand the Coalition’s logic, Julia must immediately dissolve parliament and call an election. And from then on, any party that loses an election just needs to have one of its members accused of a crime, and they can immediately have another election until they win and/or Australia degenerates into complete chaos.

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