Pure Poison IconThe funniest thing about The Australian publishing the first-hand musings of a young journalism student’s experience at University isn’t the fact that the headline “University students have an almost universal disdain for the mainstream media” decimates their theory of LEFTIST INDOCTRINATION AT UNIVERSITIES because it turns out to describe students’ attitudes before their lecturers open their mouths – it’s this line, here:

When Murdoch papers are mentioned in class its always with an undertone of sarcasm. I don’t understand why. After all, my mum works for The Australian and she likes her job.

That’s both the sweetest (if mum likes her job they must be nice) and most depressing (he’s actually a future journalist and he didn’t see any problem with that sentence) sentence I think I’ve ever seen published in that publication. (And that’s including The Australian‘s call to “destroy” a political party on which they purport to report.)

Seriously, if young Max really doesn’t understand “why” people might be skeptical of the Murdoch press – somebody please point him to Pure Poison. If he starts at the top and keeps reading, I suspect he’ll have his answer rather quickly.

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