Pure Poison IconDavid Penberthy demands:

Tell it to the court, Craig

Can somebody please explain why the cops haven’t charged Craig Thomson with theft, fraud, or whatever the appropriate offence is arising from his wholly inappropriate use of his member-funded credit card at the Health Services Union?

Maybe the union didn’t have strict rules about the use of the credit card and consequently using it for non-work expenses, if it can be proved Thomson did, might not actually have been a crime? And if it was, would Penberthy rather the police charge Thomson before their investigation is complete and thereby botch the prosecution?

Funnily enough, despite widespread executive misuse of corporate credit cards over the years, you don’t see many of them charged with “credit card misuse” either. Maybe corporate Australia would now support some stricter laws regarding executive use of corporate property, on behalf of shareholders? Maybe tough criminal penalties even if the executives set lax rules for their own benefit? Is that something the BCA is going to advocate suddenly?

Somehow I doubt it.

But I look forward to the rest of Penberthy’s campaign to clean up the top end of town.

ELSEWHERE: Can anyone find a trail of articles by David Penberthy demanding present Coalition Senator Mary Jo Fisher – actually found guilty of a crime during her term – be hounded out of parliament?

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