If you’re a Victorian, you might have seen this headline on the front page of Saturday’s Herald Sun. (If you’re in Sydney, I believe there was an equivalent on the front page of the Daily Telegraph):

“Julia’s bribes backfire”. Apart from that being an interesting reveal into how News Ltd plans to deal with the otherwise positive sensation for its readers of receiving more money from the government than they would lose in any upcoming price increase via the carbon price (it’s a bribe! You can take the money and still resent the government for offering it to you!), and apart from the fact that the story doesn’t explain how they’ve “backfired” (the assertion is that voters still think they’ll be worse off – kudos to News Ltd tabloids for spreading that lie – not that they resent being offered money from the government) – it’s worth pointing out one little aspect of this MAJOR FRONT PAGE EXCLUSIVE that undermines it, somewhat.

In a nation of 23 million people, this lead story is based on a phone survey of… 602 people.

Oh look, their assertions are completely swallowed up in a margin of error.

Still, until you realised that it was utter garbage, didn’t the front page make Julia look like a bit of a git and help you to feel okay about your irrational hatred of Labor because the paper says it’s going to make your life tougher even after they give you money to make your life easier? It sure did. Hopefully some of that feeling, that irrational conviction about how terrible Labor is, will stay even after you realise you were being played for a sucker.

And isn’t developing irrational hatreds inspired by constant misreporting what reading a Murdoch tabloid is all about?

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