Pure Poison IconAn article from Miranda Devine is like a box of chocolates, unpredictably gooey or nutty in the middle. I held my breath when I saw the headline of Miranda’s offering today:

The tragedy of PC teaching

THIS story of an inspirational teacher committed to helping underprivileged boys whose career has been destroyed by political correctness is a travesty

What would it be this time? Acceptance of homosexuals and single parents? Multiculturalism? The “Black armband view of history”? Which piece of “political correctness” had riled up Miranda today?

British teacher Richard Tremelling was sacked for breaching health and safety policy after he allowed two students to try out a sled on the snowy slopes behind the school in 2009.

What? How the hell did OH&S policy end up beneath the moniker of “Political Correctness”? And what relevance does the actions of a school in the UK have to the readers of the Daily Telegraph in Sydney?

I have no doubt similar injustices could happen in Australia.

Well, who can argue with a convincing statement like that?

But back to my first question, how does an OH&S breach that appears to have been poorly handled suddenly become the fault of the perennial bogey man “political correctness”? Has the term simply become a byword for any action, thought or policy that right wingers don’t like? If that is the case, and Miranda’s overreaching use of it in this context seems to support that it is, then it has lost any currency or meaning within debate and should be sent to the big box of rhetorical premises marked “Ignore” along with Hitler references, “the death of Australian Democracy”, and any information provided by Alan Jones.

Secondly, what leads Miranda to believe that Teachers in New South Wales are working under the terrifying yoke of an overbearing OH&S regime? If anything seems to be worrying teachers at the moment it’s the dismantling of many specialised support services in schools in favour of throwing a bucket of money at Principals and telling them to sink or swim. But if Miranda has been criticising the NSW Liberal government about that, I must have missed it.

Perhaps Miranda should also think twice about her advice to the teacher in the centre of the incident she shared with us:

He should move to Australia, where we need teachers just like him.

Is Miranda just toying with the man? After all, according to Miranda;

I have no doubt similar injustices could happen in Australia.

It seems rather cruel to set the man up for another fall.

Update: From the comments, courtesy of @GrogsGamutThere’s a whole generation of people who’ve confused political correctness with Health and Safety legislation” (Youtube – NSFW)

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