Jun 5, 2012

Moving On

We have been talking on and off since the begi

Pure Poison IconWe have been talking on and off since the beginning of the year about finishing up at Pure Poison. We feel that we’ve said most of what we set out to say on the subject. And there are potential changes coming in each of our lives that would make continuing on with the blog unrealistic. We’ve been putting off any serious discussion about whether we’d shut down the site, or try to find someone else to take over, because we hadn’t yet reached the kind of deadline that would make the discussion urgent.

A deadline has now arrived. Crikey have decided that Pure Poison isn’t part of their plans for the future and have decided to wrap it up at the end of the financial year.

Although Crikey’s decision was unexpected, for Jeremy and I it has also come as a bit of a relief as we now don’t have to spend time planning our exit – it has, effectively, been taken care of on our behalf.

We would like to extend our thanks to Crikey for the support that they’ve provided us over the entirety of Pure Poison’s existence. The subject matter of the site is necessarily challenging for a publisher, and they have consistently stuck up for us whilst leaving us to run our own show.

We’d also like to sincerely thank all of you who make Pure Poison more than two blokes yelling at the internet. Your comments, tweets and emails have all been appreciated and ultimately are a large part of what gave this website its character.


As a ring-in who was late to the party, I’d like to thank Scott Bridges for offering me the chance to contribute here at Pure Poison. It’s also vital to thank the much missed Tobias Ziegler, who was an excellent colleague, a good sounding board and who bought a sense of rigour to Pure Poison that I don’t think we’ve ever really matched.

Finally I’d like to acknowledge Jeremy and the partnership that he and I have formed. The genesis of what would eventually become Pure Poison can be traced back to Jeremy’s original BoltWatch blog, so it would be understandable if he was protective of this thing that he had a hand in creating. Instead, he has always been open to different ideas and directions and as such Pure Poison has evolved and we’ve continued to look for new ideas to try to make the site better. I think what finally sealed our relationship was the Pure Poison Podcast, spending a few hours with each other each week allowed us to move beyond being people who knew each other on the internet, to being firm friends.


I’d second Dave’s thanks above, both for Tobias and Scott’s fine contributions when they were writing, and to Scott for, in particular, the excellent suggestion of inviting Dave on board. I did not know Dave at all when he first came to the site, but working with him has been a revelation. From his changes to the site (and it is fundamentally a better-designed, better-organised and better-run site as a result of his ideas and technical talents) to of course the Pure Poison Podcast (which has long been the part of the site I enjoy the most), the entire experience has been vastly improved as a result of Dave’s friendship.

Whilst we had undoubtedly both come to feel in recent months that we’d by now thoroughly covered the main repeating issues in the Australian media that were a source of concern to us, and were ready to move on, I do feel that we built something here worthwhile. Despite the ironic name of the site (and a tip for anyone thinking of running a similar site in the future – don’t pick a name that sounds quite so sinister), we addressed with optimism some of the nastier and more destructive aspects of what gets published and its effects, and hopefully have provided a useful forum for those concerned about what the nation’s journalists get up to.

We’d both also like to take the opportunity to thank our respective wives who have shown a great deal of patience as they repeatedly heard “I just have to approve these comments” or “but we need to record the podcast tonight”.

While this will be the end of Pure Poison, we are glad to say it is not the end of our partnership. The “side project” that we were previously mulling over as we discussed the fate of Pure Poison will be launched shortly after the shutters come down here, and we hope that you will come along for the next installment.

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95 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. dam buster of Preston

    All the best guys. As the poster of the first comment on PP and contributor (a badge of honour!):
    I hope your future endeavours are a success.

  2. Bron

    Surprised by Crikey’s decision. Wrong decision, IMO. Ah well.

    Good luck, dudes. Look forward to seeing the next project.

  3. Philippe Perez

    Just a little note to say I’m sad to see you guys go. I’ve been glistering in to your podcast for a while now, and just love it.

  4. Ravenred

    Congrats and condolences, and I hope you manage to pimp your upcoming projects mercilessly using company bandwidth in between now and EOFY. I would love it if you two (or Crikey management) could elaborate on why they feel that PP (or something like PP) isn’t part of their ongoing plans, because it fits in well with the AltMedia branding that Crikey has embraced since… well… since, really.

  5. Shaun

    Just like to echo that I also recently subscribed to Crikey, largely in support of PP and PB. Paradoxically it was during all the crappy server issues that it dawned on me that maybe I should be paying for this valuable service. Have to wonder what vision Crikey have for themselves if it doesn’t include you guys.

    Anyhow, thanks fellas.

  6. mondo rock

    Thanks Jeremy and Dave

    Pure Poison was a necessary tonic to some of the more appalling bits of propoganda spewed into the mainstream debate by B1 and B2 (and their contemporaries). Whilst I regularly found some of the analysis here, and the ensuing commentary, to be flawed from my perspective I always appreciated the opportunity to air my views.

    Jezza – whatever your next project is you know I’ll be there, as I have been for the last 10 years or so . . .

  7. ian milliss

    First larvatus prodeo now you, soon there’ll be nothing on the internets. Well thanks, you were great.

  8. paul of albury

    Also my thanks for your work over the last few years. Though I’m concerned that Crikey doesn’t seem to want you. Hope to see more of your work wherever it appears

  9. Jacques de Molay

    Thanks for all your efforts guys. I was a reader and occasional commenter first at The Blair/Bolt Watch Project and then Pure Poison so I’ll be interested in what you come up with next. Such a shame the two best left-wing blogs in Larvatus Prodeo & now Pure Poison shutting down especially so close together. So disheartening. Not sure I’ll bother trying to find another decent political blog.

    FWIW, Crikey can now kiss goodbye any chance there was of me renewing my subscription when it expires later this month.

  10. silkworm

    I will miss you guys.

  11. Marty

    @jeremy and David

    I don’t post often, but read every day and echo the sentiment that this blog will be missed. It’s obviously been available for free but was part of my decision to subscribe to crikey last year for the first time. If killing PP is part of crikey’s appeasement of the media status quo, I won’t be renewing.

    I’ll definitely miss Matthew’s contributions especially, along with the occasional other gem. Hope that your next project is a success.

  12. sneakers

    Damn .. just as our IT guys blacklisted blogspots, this happens.

    Ahh well, it was fun while it lasted. Best of luck for the future, guys!

  13. John Reidy

    Perhaps my favourite moment (early on in PP) was when Media Watch ‘powned’ the Daily Telegraph…

  14. AR

    I was amazed amount the amount of time you were able to devote to PP and am very sad to see it end, esp now that I’ve learned to download the MP3.
    Very annoying in that PP & FDotM were the main reason that I renewed my subscription early whilst feeling flush with the HAP about to go splat in my a/c.

  15. podrick

    Thanks Dave, Jeremy, Scott and Toby for keeping PP going for so long, I have really enjoyed being part of it. I will certaainly miss it, including Angra’s tractor tangents. One of my favourites was when someone, I forget who, posted Bolt’s own comments on climate change in a Bolt climate change thread and Boltworld went feral about them.

    Come July a few of us may need to form a PPer’s Anonymous group for some therapy and Dave I might post on Miranda’s blog but that would mean I would actually have to read it.

  16. Rohan

    Cheers guys.

    Always entertaining, with the enjoyment you derived from the subject matter coming through very well in the podcasts.

    FWIW, I thought Howard B and mondo rock were two of most interesting and intelligent posters on this blog, and find it depressing to hear them glibly dismissed as trolls.

  17. David McRae

    Thanks so much for PP and the podcasts. They will be sorely missed. The humour of the podcasts and also the seriousness of holding the rubbish that passes for journalism to at least some account.

    Looking forward to the next venture.

    Groupies Dave, Angelina, and Dave’s Mum

  18. Arnold Cheeseman

    Excellent knock gents! And like all good innings, it’s sad to see it end… although I’m sure the letters n.o. appear after your scores.

    As for Crikey: what the hell are you thinking?

  19. oldskool

    Thanks guys!

    It will be a shame to see PP go, but I look forward to the new project. Please tell me it will have a podcast (or be a podcast), I am surprised Mr Bolt himself hasn’t turned up to wish you farewell…

  20. savvas jwnhs

    What? No messages of thanks from Captain Col, Howard B, Brown Bob and some of the other ‘contrarians’ from the past?

    How churlish of them!

    {One of those three might have had a comment deleted – Dave}

  21. Durham Red

    Julia’s Great Big New Toxic Tax Claims Another Victim!

    Thanks for your PP efforts chaps, I look forward to seeing you on The Bolt Report Report, a two hour showing airing directly after The Bolt Report correcting all the errors and misinformation in the previous half an hour.

  22. Tomus Barava

    damn – now there’s a little hole in my internet that I’ll have a hard time filling…

    All the best in your future endeavours!

  23. sean

    Sorry to see this go, this was an institution greater than 90% of what passes for media in this country including Crikey 🙁

  24. peter de mambla

    Thanks, Guys — God bless you. The nation owes you one.

  25. dendy

    It’s been great guys. Australian MSM is still absolute shit but imagine how much more shitfull it would be if you hadn’t been around. I imagine some ninth rate commentators (and isn’t that all of them) will have a little extra spring in their step when they hear that you aren’t going to be pulling them up on their most egregious vileness. But I guess there comes a limit to how much shit you guys can wade through before deciding enough is enough. All the best.

  26. special.task


  27. jules

    Cheers guys.

    Thanks for the time and effort, cheers to scott and toby too. It’ll be a big hole in the net.

    Cheers to all the comment crew too.

    Is the blogosquare going to shit or what???

  28. Phil Vee

    This is like taking nicotine out of my cigarettes. Alcohol out of my beer. Beef out of my burgers. I am left with a vanilla Crikey without the extra source.

    More to the point what will poor old/young Matthew do now? Where will I hear Angra’s sensible comments and tangential diversions? Alliar, HowardB and all of you….. don’t leave me!

    Jeremy and Dave… thank you. I read you every day and learned a lot. I happily admit I needed your explanations to make sense of stuff. Good luck.

  29. gezzam

    All the best boys, I did post a long time ago that you went a little overboard on the Greens stories, but I came here everyday and enjoyed every article and the posts from all the regulars…including the trolls

    You two are certainly two very hoopy froods….and I’m going to miss you

  30. Ben Pobjie

    There’s always a place for you at GAM.

  31. NathanA

    Thanks for all the work on the blog, it will be missed. The posts were almost always thoughtful and entertaining, and so too were many of the comments.

    Best of luck

  32. HB

    Thanks PP and I must admit to not being relaxed and comfortable about Crikey’s new direction. I will resist all inducements to renew until it’s clearer.

  33. monkeywrench

    Can we stop thanking them for fish now? It’s getting a bit… well….

  34. Brett Coster

    Well, you’ve made me laugh, chortle and thump the desk in anger, sometimes simultaneously. Good work those men.

    So where do we all go to now when we notice that someone is WRONG on the internet?

  35. Fran Barlow

    Well done and thanks for the enormous workload you surely accepted in maintaining this blog.

    I wish you both the very best of choices in the coming period.

  36. Indiana Jones

    Thanks for all of it guys. I look forward to some truly memorable parting words on your last post at Crikey.

  37. Brizben

    Thanks for the effort you put in. I’ll miss you guys and the other commentators.

  38. fgt

    Thanks for all the hard work you guys have put into this blog, it’s been great reading. I may not have commented often, though I always found your commentary interesting and insightful. Good luck with your next projects.

  39. Cuppa

    News Limited, their ABC and Fairfax heave a sigh of relief. Back to business as usual…
    Why, Crikey?

  40. Steve777

    Sorry to see the end of Pure Poison – it’s certainly not as if would have run out of work any time soon. So who’s going to keep the so & so’s honest now? There is Media Watch I suppose. Anyway best wishes for the future.

  41. calyptorhynchus

    Just like to echo the “thanks for all the fish sentiment”, also that if Crikey doesn’t have something very like PP, it isn’t doing its job.

    Thanks also to all the contributors for their comments.

    I do notice that none of the right-wing trolls that hang our here are joining in the backslapping. Perhaps they have other sites from which to obtain ritual humiliation.

  42. Leigh Josey

    As the target of a scurrilous Pure Poison attack I wish you boys all the best. Going to miss seeing my name between Laurie Oakes and Leigh Sales. 🙂

  43. Dave Gaukroger

    Returnedman, we’re trying to maintain an air of mystery.

  44. returnedman

    there are potential changes coming in each of our lives that would make continuing on with the blog unrealistic

    Jeez, you guys are REALLY pouring on the teasing today, aren’t you?!?

  45. Jay

    Well played lads.

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