Fairfax’s regional titles have launched a new program to try to engage with their female readers called “Connect Pink“. I’ll let it speak for itself.

Ladies, the wait is over.

Fairfax Regional Media today launches ConnectPink – a new social media network for women in regional and remote Australia.

Featuring the best from traditional social media sites, connectpink.com.au allows women to do more than simply post updates.

“ConnectPink is a more personal alternative,” said ConnectPink content director Angela Carey.

“It’s a place where women can connect, chat, shop, swap and share in an environment that is safe and gives them a real sense of belonging.”

Get that ladies? Fairfax has decided that the best way for you to interact online is in a playground that they’ve set up where there are no men to bother you, and where they can no doubt more easily show you targeted advertising that they can sell at a higher rate show you the things that are important to you. This follows Fairfax’s “Daily Life” sections in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, and is obviously an attempt to turn their female readers into a more lucrative market for advertisers.

The question, as always, is whether this will help Fairfax to survive in a competitive online world where Facebook, Google, and dozens of other sites are already offering the same things as Connect Pink and where the readers have already established themselves. Is there really that much demand for another social network in most people’s lives? Additionally, there’s a very fine line to walk here between providing something targeted at women that is truly useful and simply patronising them with fluff.

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