There’s not much time left for the gentle amusement of #lolBolts, but the great man is doing his best to send us off in style.

  • Andrew Bolt complains that he appears to be in the higher income brackets that aren’t getting much out of the carbon price compensation package. “Amazing that I’ve missed out“, he complains. Question for Andrew: in what top percentage of salaries would you put yourself? The top 30%? The top 10%? The top 5%? And when did you come to the conclusion that the other percentage of the population, the poorer percentage, should be subsidising you?
  • As the Greens push for legislated protections for editorial independence from media proprietors, and the ALP and the Liberals reject it (thereby supporting the right of media owners to control what journalists write), in Andrew Bolt’s bizarro-world that becomes “defending media freedom“. Thereby making it very clear what Bolt and co mean by “media freedom” – the freedom of billionaires to have their views the only ones heard.
  • Andrew blasts Eric Beecher (of Crikey) for criticising Fairfax with “a vested interest“. He then goes on to boost Rinehart without any acknowledgment of a professional or personal relationship with her on his part. Which to our mind puts paid to any rumours that Bolt’s present or future career might be linked to Rinehart’s media forays, or we’re sure he’d have mentioned it.

And in a fortnight, none of this will matter.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, Andrew links to another News Ltd blogger complaining that Monday night’s episode of the weekly Media Watch didn’t pretend to be a news program and cover the story of the Fairfax sackings that took place a few hours before broadcast.

The consequence of which is that when Media Watch covers the story this coming Monday, it’ll be able to cover the News Ltd restructuring at the same time. Rather than News getting a free kick at one of its competitors for something it’s about to do itself.

You can see why they’d be outraged.

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