Crikey‘s First Dog On The Moon elegantly highlights the hideous flaw in anti-“boat people” rhetoric:

I’m posting it to Reddit next.

Elsewhere, The Age publishes former Senator Amanda Vanstone comparing refugees who arrive on boats with ants chasing after our precious sugar. Who wouldn’t want to live in Australia, she asks, before demanding we remove the “pull factors” that entice people to want to come here (like not treating them as monstrously as certain other countries in our region).

Also, do you know what’s monstrous about people pretending to care about the lives of refugees but being opposed to making the boats safer because really they’re more worried about the refugees who get here safely? It’s that Malcolm Fraser called their policy “evil and inhumane”. Oh, the “hate-style politics”.

Because, really, isn’t it the lucky Australians living an incredibly fortunate existence whilst demanding we pull up the drawbridge and use dangerous boats as a disincentive for people to come here who are the real victims?

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