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Jun 29, 2012

Something Wonky launches

The Pure Poison Podcast is dead, long live Something Wonky.

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9 thoughts on “Something Wonky launches

  1. Matthew of Canberra

    I don’t know about “urging”, but I do like The Master And Margarita. Have I missed something?

  2. Angra

    Matthew -didn’t you once urge us to read Mikhail Bulgakov?

  3. Matthew of Canberra

    FD @6

    Interpretive dance only, I’m afraid.

  4. Firstdog

    can i get a transcript of it? i don’t have access to the internet

  5. The Pav

    Never trust a man with a beard I say! Is that why you chose the title?

    One must base one’s opinions on fact you know. Just like andrew!

  6. returnedman

    Jeremy, I’m guessing you sang tenor in the school choir.

    You also might want to sit back from the microphone a bit.

    Great content.

  7. Sancho

    Huzzah! Downloading as we speak. Type.

    Can someone more Applish than me explain if it’s possible to subscribe via iTunes in a way that will download the podcast to iPad automatically or prompt me when it’s available?

  8. Howard,B.

    Is Jeremy meant to be the thoughtfully lackadaisical one whilst Dave is the no nonsense hard man?

  9. Matthew of Canberra

    Like elvis, the podcast has simply changed its name and moved.