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No, that's meant to be the fluff piece at the end of the news

Right now, The Age website is leading with a football result. I know what you’re thinking – that’s news? That’s a lead story? Well, it’s more of a lead story than MAN ON A TIGHTROPE CROSSES WATERFALLS MANY HAVE CROSSED BEFORE ALSO ON TIGHTROPES AND CARRYING ITEMS TO MAKE IT MORE CHALLENGING. Which is what […]

Mmmm. Martin DiStasio with that chilling report.

The ABC sums up the embarrassing TodayTonight/A Current Affair prostitute shemozzle this morning: Unfortunately I didn’t get a screenshot of the footage with both TT and ACA logos and ironic “exclusive” tags covering it. It’s a squabble over one of the almost 23 million Australians who have never slept with Craig Thomson. And if there’s […]

Q&A: we've seriously nothing more important to discuss than Gina Rinehart's personal failings

“This is not the sort of show where some autocue-reading pretty boy sits at a desk and feeds you pablum and tells you what to think. If you want that, you go and watch Q&A.” – Sean Micallef, Mad as Hell. Every Monday night, the ABC broadcasts a discussion and debate program known as Q&A […]

Tony Abbott's faux concern for Thomson reported as something other than laughable

I just love journalists running Tony Abbott’s new faux concern schtick as if it were something other than a transparent demand to be appointed PM: This morning Mr Abbott, who has been leading the political assault on Mr Thomson, shifted the emphasis of his calls on him to quit. He called on Prime Minister Julia […]

If the sentence was so outrageous, why does News need to exaggerate it?

See if you can spot in this story on about an 18 year old jailed for manslaughter today, what his actual sentence was. You can’t, because it’s not there. Just the minimum sentence.

Unemployment drops, but because Labor's in power it's a bad thing

The ABC reports the drop in the unemployment rate in almost as negative a way as if there’d been the predicted rise: “Jobs shock”? We were so surprised by a good result that we’re going to portray it as if it were terrible:

No he wasn't

An ABC story on a tragic incident in a remote community: When the violence stopped they found a man and a woman had been beaten with a blunt object. Superintendent Peter Gordon says the man’s injuries are horrific. “He’s got head injuries – it looks like he’s been scalped, the skin has come detached from […]

Why would the ABC quote the AVN?

A concerning story today about the re-emergence of whooping cough due to new strains of the disease becoming more prevalent. Just as concerning is the decision to seek comment from the Australian Vaccination Network‘s Meryl Dorey. The AVN is an anti-vaccination lobby group and Meryl Dorey has no medical qualifications, so it seems reckless of […]

An obituary sledge

Margaret Whitlam has died at 92. A sad day for Gough and for the many people whose lives she touched. And I’m not convinced that certain lines in her ABC obituary were particularly fair to publish at this time. These remarks about Malcolm Fraser: [In a 1993 interview] she also spoke of her anger at […]


The Foreign Minister has resigned! This means that the Labor leadership is “in crisis” for some reason!!!11!!1!!!! If you want to completely lose your sh*t about it – just like a real political journalist – then HERE IS THE THREAD TO DO IT. In the meantime, here’s the Pure Poison liveblog of the afternoon’s events: […]