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Alan Howe

Misleading voters is not "democratic", Alan.

Alan Howe (whose previous dubious polemics on sentencing we’ve dealt with previously) was back in the Herald Sun yesterday trying to defend with utter disingenuousness the Victorian Liberals’ highly distorted and misleading survey on sentencing. The State Government would’ve indeed been right to ask voters their views on sentencing. Sadly, what it did instead was […]

Alan Howe: it's not a Godwin if I compare them with everyone BUT Hitler, is it?

If you thought the Great News Ltd Unhinging couldn’t get any sillier, then I have a surprise for you: Alan Howe’s full page rant in the middle of today’s Herald Sun. Stalin, Kim Jong-Il, the Burmese junta, Mugabe… it’s amazing Alan managed to resist the formal Godwin. Yes, this sophisticated analysis – any government that […]

Said best already

Here are two stories that I would have written about, except that others have already done the heavy lifting: Ruth Brown has covered the Daily Telegraph‘s “oops!” moment in announcing the winner of MasterChef Australia, and asks what I consider the most important question about the blunder: And did MasterChef’s producers pre-release the quotes from […]

Compare and contrast

Andrew Bolt in 2009: Gordon Ramsay didn’t realise Australians had suddenly developed a few manners. Well, some of us. […] Sam Newman didn’t get it, either, and was startled to find himself sin-binned by Channel 9 for fondling a cut-out likeness of a female sports writer. […] What’s new is this sudden spate of suspensions […]

News Ltd cynically puts real criminal justice at risk

There are few campaigns run by newspaper polemicists that are more purely poisonous than the cynical attempt to exploit community ignorance on the subject of criminal sentencing for political or commercial gain. The technique, perfected by the less reputable media outlets (particularly those owned by News Ltd), is as follows: They emphasise the most sensational […]

Spiritually deformed

There are many things that one could say about George W. Bush in criticising his Presidency, but is calling him “spiritually deformed” taking it too far? I’m sure Julie Bishop will be surprised to learn that she’s also earned that label from Alan Howe.