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Andrew Bolt

All hail our new boat regime overlords

Quick question: has something happened to our government this week that we’ve missed here at Pure Poison? Talking of an action by the Australian government, a columnist at News Ltd writes of ““this farcical boat people regime”. When did that happen? Have they broken out of detention centres and seized Parliament? ELSEWHERE: The same columnist […]

In which it turns out that "free speech" for certain News Ltd columnists means the right of businesses to lie as they trade

The Coalition sends out flyers to small businesses encouraging them to raise prices and blame it on the “carbon tax”: A handy notification that this butcher is one to avoid The Government responds, pointing out that lying to customers (even if Tony Abbott has told them to) could (as during the GST introduction by the […]

"Unfair, unbalanced and savagely skewed to fit his ideological inclinations"

A newspaper writer discusses another member of his profession: …whose writing I’ve often found to be unfair, unbalanced and savagely skewed to fit his ideological inclinations, sometimes to the point of melodrama. I suspect everyone who’s stuck by Pure Poison to its final week can guess who it’s about, and who’s making the comment.

I'm here to reassure you Andrew, you're completely wrong.

The Herald Sun’s resident resources and energy expert, Andrew Bolt, today posed this question about the Federal Government’s Climate Change Authority board: These people are in charge of our power prices? What a collection of extremists, Leftists and fellow travellers. Only one scientist among them, and about as alarmist as you could find. The most […]

Andrew bravely stands up for Gina

Andrew Bolt today disclaimed the sum total of his connections with Gina Rinehart that are any of our business: DISCLAIMER: Rinehart is a shareholder of Network Ten, which runs my Bolt Report, and this paper is part of the Murdoch empire, a Fairfax competitor. Clearly that’s all there is, so we can now enjoy his […]

Not many #lolBolts left

There’s not much time left for the gentle amusement of #lolBolts, but the great man is doing his best to send us off in style. Andrew Bolt complains that he appears to be in the higher income brackets that aren’t getting much out of the carbon price compensation package. “Amazing that I’ve missed out“, he […]

"Those who want less scrutiny"

Andrew Bolt on Leveson, calling out those complaining about holding a powerful media organisation to account, those …giving every appearance of sympathy to those who want less scrutiny… Good on Andrew for standing up against the shameless self-interested bleating of those who think no law, no regulation should apply to them. Those who think “scrutiny” […]

Did Andrew Bolt get /anything/ right in his post on marriage equality in Denmark?

So Denmark has finally removed gender gender discrimination from its marriage law thereby causing same sex marriages to be recognised by the state. They’re even to be performed in the official state church, although pastors retain the right to refuse to participate if discrimination against gay people is a fundamental part of their belief system. […]

If only we could harness irony as clean energy

Which media organisation do you think is being referred to in this passage? I do not agree with direct intervention in the coverage of a story, and would certainly protest and probably resign over such interference myself. I also believe that promoting your journalists as fearless and independent is actually a selling point. Moreover, the […]

Andrew's readers so "smart" they enjoy a bit of cynical repetition

Andrew Bolt tries to make his readers feel SMART for believing that humans can pump whatever we like into the atmosphere with NO EFFECTS WHATSOEVER because MAGIC. “Slowly, the smart people are winning”, he declares, linking to a Fox News story yesterday about a survey they assert shows “that people who are not that worried […]