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David Burchell

Open thread July 26-30

Here’s a fresh thread for non-campaign discussion. I’m finding Mad Mondays in The Australian are a bit disrupted these days — instead of running weekly, Glenn Milne and David Burchell seem to have been alternating in recent weeks, while Milne is even popping up over at The Drum these days. But Burchell doesn’t disappoint today […]

Open thread June 28-July 2

Let’s launch another week with a fresh open thread. As always, links to the latest threads can be found in the sidebar, and you’re free to use the open thread to discuss anything not being covered in our other posts. To start your week with a chuckle, I’ll recommend that you read David Burchell’s latest […]

Open thread May 31-June 4

The weekend thread is still kicking along with discussion about iPads and GM crops. Here’s a fresh home for new discussions – or feel free to bring over the old topics. As always, we’ll keep the links to the recent open threads in the sidebar to your right. Since debating government-funded advertising is all the […]

Open thread May 10-14

Let’s have a fresh thread to kick off the Budget week. We should be in for some interesting times, with Nielsen’s latest poll adding to the trend against Labor, and in particular the drop in Rudd’s personal support. In Mad Monday action, Glenn Milne drops the shocking revelation that he suspects Kevin Rudd is a […]

Open thread March 15-19

Let’s kick off another week with a thread for discussing anything that doesn’t fit the topic of other posts. The Australian delivers a healthy dose of Mad Monday to offset a solid column from MegaGeorge. Among the silliness:

Convincing the poor to deny themselves healthcare

David Burchell in The Australian knows why the Democrats lost in Massachusetts: There is already sufficient evidence from Massachusetts to suggest that poorer working families in the old factory towns there – frugal households in Fitchburg, Gardner or Peabody who have purchased private health insurance at considerable costs to their style of life – are […]

Interpreting the Classics

David Burchell’s tenuous and largely incoherent column evaluating Kevin Rudd through the prism of Homer’s epic tales has me thinking – what other tenuous links can we build between the classics and contemporary Australian politics? Let’s use this thread to connect literary tales, themes and characters with our modern-day leaders. Here’s my opening effort: Antony […]

Theme detected (maybe)

I’m struggling to work out if there’s a theme to The Australian‘s commentary on the government’s Building the Education Revolution program. Here’s Glenn Milne in today’s edition: In political terms Gillard went too far on Friday. Her sin was to try to pass off a $1.5 billion blowout in her Pyongyang-inspired Building the Education Revolution […]