June, 2012

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When Penberthy defends a brutal assault

, Jun 05, 2012

A quick look at David Penberthy’s by-the-numbers tabloid beatup today on the sentencing of a prison guard to jail time for punching a prisoner in his custody twenty times after that prisoner spat at him through the bars. Here’s the footage (click to watch): Here’s how Penberthy spins it: Court tells prison guards to go […]

Penberthy: “A significant escalation in the ugliness”

, May 27, 2012

David “Five Star” Penberthy, editor of News Ltd’s The Punch and former editor of the Daily Telegraph, finally notices some of the deranged paranoid hysteria out there amongst sections of the public: The question is whether the level and nature of the abuse is the same as it has always been, or whether there is […]

Penbo: surely corporate Australia will support the call I seem to be making for tougher criminal penalties to apply to misuse of corporate credit cards by executives?

, May 13, 2012

David Penberthy demands: Tell it to the court, Craig Can somebody please explain why the cops haven’t charged Craig Thomson with theft, fraud, or whatever the appropriate offence is arising from his wholly inappropriate use of his member-funded credit card at the Health Services Union? Maybe the union didn’t have strict rules about the use […]
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Bob Brown retires; Christine Milne new leader of the Greens

, Apr 13, 2012

Predictions from the obvious quarters of the imminent demise of the Greens (again) in 3… 2… 1… UPDATE: Senator Brown’s twitter account linked to Pure Poison yesterday. Today he’s no longer leader of the Greens. Coincidence? Or the first example of a devastating political effect? UPDATE #2: There’s a shock. The Herald Sun headline? Maybe […]

“Fellow Earthians” – that’s the bit we’ll quote!

, Apr 04, 2012

Noticed anything revealing in the News “the Greens should be destroyed” Ltd “Punch” smears on Bob Brown’s Hobart Speech? Here’s David Penberthy’s “Calling occupants of interplanetary Bob”, last week: The speech – which Brown opened with the phrase “Fellow Earthians” – was a deep ecologist ramble across a range of themes, including the possible existence […]
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Bob Brown Wants Your Smarties!11!!1!1!

, Nov 25, 2011

An embarrassing effort in the Herald Sun the other day, with David Penberthy turning a bill by Bob Brown to “ban fast-food advertising and competitions from children’s television and websites” into somehow stopping parents from being able to buy confectionery at all: It would remove the power of discretion from adults, many of whom, this […]

Penbo to News critics: “You’re welcome to start your own paper. It’s a free country”

, Nov 14, 2011

News.com.au editor David Penberthy offers a solution to progressives worried about newspaper balance in Australia: The people who gave evidence to this committee are welcome to start their own paper. It is, as they say, a free country. If they can’t inherit their own newspaper like Rupert did, then whose fault is that? If they […]

Who’s responsible for Alan Joyce?

, Nov 10, 2011

Are News Ltd columnists having second thoughts about Alan Joyce? You might think so reading Andrew Bolt and David Penberthy this week. Yesterday Bolt suddenly started making a big deal about the sexuality of the Qantas CEO in his Herald Sun column, “Joyce doesn’t fit the hiss-boo script“: This tough, cool union-buster is also gay, […]
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But they’re not the “elites”

, Oct 07, 2011

They might control 70% of the country’s print media; they might work with and defend the rights of the most privileged people in the country; they might have an enormous megaphone from which to trumpet their views; they might mock voters for “getting it wrong” when they don’t elect their preferred party… but News Ltd […]

Oh Penbo

, Aug 15, 2011

While we’re on the subject of hacks using the London riots as a handy rhetorical tool, we’ve got the handily rhetorical David Penberthy’s effort from the weekend The Punch where he attempted to tell the poor in the first world to shut up and cop it so long as they’ve got it better than the […]

Unelected News Ltd editor tells his “constituency” what they believe

, May 23, 2011

David “Doesn’t care if you catch him lying to you” Penberthy, editor at News Ltd, tells his readers what they’re expected to think: What these people fail to understand, and what Brown doesn’t get, is that newspapers have constituencies in the same way that political parties have constituencies. If you wanted a shorthand definition you […]

If Penbo claims without evidence many DSP recipients can work, well, that’s good enough for me

, May 10, 2011

If you had any doubts that many people on the Disability Support Pension are BLUDGERS who are able to work, David Penberthy today lays them to rest with an irrefutable argument, chock-full of careful analysis and evidence: Much has been written about the blowout in the DSP, how it has doubled in just over a […]

Gerard on Nazi comparisons

, Apr 06, 2011

Whilst I applaud Gerard Henderson’s dislike of Nazi comparisons, he has a fairly one-sided way of criticising them. Here are some recent examples he lists in his Fairfax article yesterday: Take the past couple of days. On Insiders on Sunday the Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt said democracies sometimes make errors and this was the […]
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Penbo muddies the water

, Apr 04, 2011

Today in the Punch David Penberthy continues with his flawed attack on the NSW Greens, which he began on Friday with a manufactured preference deal that never was. Not only is Penbo refusing to correct the story, he’s actually muddying the water further by reinterpreting his own words from Friday. The Greens are taking The […]
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Punch doubles down – doesn’t just refuse to retract clear untruth, actually repeats it

, Apr 02, 2011

Please excuse a second post relating to the Greens in as many days but, to anyone who thought there were limits on what falsehoods the professional media could publish, this is extraordinary. News Ltd’s The Punch – edited by David Penberthy – has not only failed to retract the demonstrably untrue claim he made yesterday […]
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News Ltd War on the Greens tactic #1: shamelessly make stuff up

, Apr 01, 2011

Although it was only The Australian that openly declared its intention to “destroy the Greens”, it’s pretty clear that the rest of News Ltd is no more committed to fair and honest coverage of the party. Take this morning’s effort by David Penberthy, former editor of the Daily Telegraph and presently editor-in-chief of news.com.au and […]

Guest Post: The media and disasters

, Feb 25, 2011

A guest post from Tammi Jonas takes a look at the performance of the media in the wake of the Christchurch earthquake: Coverage of the devastating earthquake in New Zealand this week compelled ABC The Drum’s Jonathan Green to write a post titled “The media is not there to help. It does not feel your […]

Who needed Pauline when you had Penbo’s Tele running her talking points?

, Jan 18, 2011

David Penberthy, editor-in-chief of news.com.au, decides to take yesterday’s verballing of Bob Brown (seriously, if what Brown actually said was so bad then why did News Ltd need to change it in order to feign outrage?) by comparing him with Pauline Hanson: Who needs Pauline when you’ve got Bob Brown? …Brown’s comments could so easily […]

Rural reality

, Sep 09, 2010

Penbo is not happy. He’s not happy with Julia Gillard, he’s not happy with Rob Oakshott and he’s really not happy with Tony Windsor. The image was of Independent MP and gentleman farmer Tony Windsor, in moleskins and a leather-shouldered knitted jumper, riding a tractor mower which probably cost as much as a Holden Barina, […]

Going after MPs’ private lives hurts the country

, May 24, 2010

I don’t want to go into too much detail about the homophobes’ media frenzy last week (I’ve written about the Akermanis thing here and the Campbell one here), but I did want to address one particularly self-serving point made by News Ltd’s David Penberthy this morning: David Campbell knew when he entered politics that public […]